Pilot Information


Located within the Town of Edson
Area of airport 287.59 Acres
Located in N 1/2 17-53-17-W5, NW-16-53-17-5
Latitude 53o 36' N, Longitute 116o 28' W


Reference Point Co-ordinates 53o34'44" N, 116o 27' 54" W
Elevation 3035'
Aerodrome Elevation 3041'


Public, day/night VFR, Certificate no. 5151-210


6,000' X 100' paved runway with a pavement load rating (PLR) of 7
Displaced thresholds Runway 07-600'
Runway 25-500'
Runway azimuth 270o 38' 25"
Runway designator 07-25


Both the main and west taxiways are paved
Taxiways into the forestry bomber base area are also paved


Public apron is paved 150' X 200'


Full medium intensity lighting system which includes:
Rotating beacon
Vertical approach slope indicator system (VASIS)
Two illuminated windsock towers
1 - 7.5 kw lighting regulator and 2 - 4.0 kw regulators
Radio controlled airport lighting system (ARCAL)

Navigational Aids

The Edson Airport owns and operates a Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME). This equipment is installed in the maintenance garage and is maintained by a private contractor.

Fuel Services

Privately owned and operated fuel facility is located at the Airport. Please call 780-723-3134 for fuel services.

Dandy Oil

JET A $1.03/L

AVGAS $1.46/L