Arts Alive Edson




Celebrate young artists in our community.
Award-winners in three festival categories: Creative Writing, Photography, Visual Art.


3 age divisions in 3 disciplines.

Arts Alive Edson provides an opportunity for young artists to showcase their work, meet other artists, and receive professional feedback.

Arts Alive 2018 Brochure

Arts Alive 2018 Registration Form

About Arts Alive Edson

"A Ketchup Sunset" by Seth Bilodeau
"A Ketchup Sunset" by Seth Bilodeau

Arts Alive Edson is a mutli-discipline arts festival for Edson and area youth participants under 18yrs. The festival runs April 16 to 30 and includes Creative Writing, Photography, and Visual Art.

The registration deadline is Thursday, March 29th. Registration forms can be downloaded online at or picked up at the Edson Public Library, Galloway Station Museum, Town Ofice and the Red Brick Arts Centre.  Completed forms and payment can be dropped of at all above named locations. Cheques must be made out to "Town of Edson".

Young artists are encouraged to showcase their work, meet other artists and receive professional feedback and encouragement. Edson residents are invited to take in the displays and performances. 

Enjoy the creativity! Join in the fun!




All entries must be framed or ready for hanging.

Photographs must be dropped off at The Galloway Museum by Monday, April 9th.

PY-01 - People - Age 9 and under
PY-02 - Places and Things - 9 and under
PY-03 - Other (abstract, digitally manipulated) Age 9 and under

PY-04 - People - Age 10-13
PY-05 - Places and Things - Age 10-13
PY-06 - Other (abstract, digitally manipulated) - Age 10-13

PY-07 - People - Age 14-18
PY-08 - Places and Things - Age 14-18
PY-09 - Other (abstract, digitally manipulated) - Age 14-18


All entries must be framed or ready for hanging.

Completed pieces must be dropped off at The Red Brick by Monday, April 9th.

VAY-01 - Pencil Drawing - Age 9 and under
VAY-02 - Paint - Age 9 and under
VAY-03 - Mixed Media (2D or 3D) - Age 9 and under

VAY-04 - Pencil Drawing - Age 10 - 13
VAY-05 - Paint - Age 10-13
VAY-06 - Mixed Media - Age 10-13

VAY-07 - Pencil Drawing - Age 14 - 18
VAY-08 - Paint - Age 14 - 18
VAY-09 - Mixed Media - Age 14 - 18


All written content must be suitable for a family audience.  No explicit content.

General Rules:

Poetry: 3 pieces or 4 pages maximum
Short Story: 5 pages maximum (double-spaced)
Non-Fiction: 5 pages maximum (double-spaced)

Submit your piece at the time of registration or by Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

Send digital copies to or drop off hard copies to the Edson Public Library, the Galloway Station Museum, Town Office or the Red Brick Arts Centre.

CWY-01 - Poetry - Age 9 and under
CWY-02 - Short Story - Age 9 and under
CWY-03 - Creative Non-Fiction - Age 9 and under

CWY-04 - Poetry - Age 10-13
CWY-05 - Short Story - Age 10-13
CWY-06 - Creative Non-Fiction - Age 10-13

CWY-07 - Poetry - Age 14-18
CWY-08 - Short Story - Age 14-18
CWY-09 - Creative Non-Fiction - Age 14-18


Write Night -TBA


(AGES 12-18)

Saturday, April 7 2018
1:30-3:00 PM
@Repsol Place Hospitality Room
$10 (Cash or Cheque only)
Refreshments Provided.

In this workshop we will discuss what great songs have in common, how to effectively convey ideas & emotion through songs and write a song as a group using basic songwriting techniques. Open to all levels of musicianship. Participants are welcome to bring an acoustic instrument, but this is not required to be part of the workshop.

Justine Vandergrift’s clear, rich voice and finely-tuned song-craft bespeak an affinity with the likes of Patty Griffin, Bonnie Raitt, and Sarah Harmer, but her own brand of country soul has deeper roots than that, ones that dig into the hymns and folk songs of her central Alberta youth. Her three studio releases reveal a rare and irresistible knack for melody, and her recent live off the floor album Sailor represents a deepening of that artistry. Justine is like the old hymns she grew up with – even if you can’t quite put your finger on what makes them genuine and authentic, they are undeniably so.