Community Block Party

What is a Block Party?

A block party gives you and your neighbours the opportunity to socialize and have fun together. Block parties help promote a stronger sense of community, enhance safety within the neighbourhood, and celebrate the reasons why people call Edson home.

Why Should You Have a Block Party?


Register your Block Party:

Print the registration form and return it to Community Services in the Town of Edson Office.

Community Block Party Application Form


Street Closure

If you are planning to host your party on the street, you will need permission from the Town of Edson. Complete the “Permission to Block the Street” Form. Written permission from at least 75% of the affected residents is needed to obtain permission to block the street. Once your request has been approved, you are able to borrow signs to block the street during your block party.

Community Block Party Street Closure Form

Block Party Rebate

A maximum rebate of $200.00 is available from the Town of Edson, Community Services Department towards eligible expenses for a registered Block Party. Eligible expenses shall include, but are not limited to, food, non-alcoholic beverages and entertainment. It is at the discretion of the Director of Community Services (or his/her designate) which expenses shall be deemed eligible. A maximum of five registered block parties per year may receive the rebate.

Community Block Party Rebate Application Form

If you have any questions and would like more information, call Community Services 780-723-4403 or check out the Block Party Application and Information Package:

Edson Community Block Party Information Package

Community Block Party Policy

Have Fun

You can borrow (first come, first serve basis) recreation grab-bags filled with a variety of games and equipment for your block party.

What Kinds of Block Parties are There?


All you need is a paper plate, paper invite and string!
All you need is a paper plate, paper invite and string!

Don't Forget the Invitation!

There are lots of fun and simple ways to get the word out about you party!

This is only one type of invitation idea there are many others you can choose from online at different sites like ex. Pinterest 

So have fun and get creative!


Community Block Party, a Neighbourhood Development initiative, is a partnership between the Town of Edson, Victim Services, RCMP and Citizens On Patrol