Recycling Depot

Edson Recycling Depot
Edson Recycling Depot

5237 - 1 Avenue

The Town of Edson has one of the best and most well known recycling programs in the Province.  It's something the community prides itself on. The newly expanded Depot is a dropoff point for a wide range of materials and also holds a "Toxic Roundup" twice a year for items that may not normally be accepted.

Pilot Project - Door to Door Electronics Recycling

Be a part of this pilot project and clear your house of old electronics. For two days, volunteers from the Edson & District Recycling Society will go door-to-door collecting old electronics for recycling and in return Alberta Recycling will provide funding for your community.

See the poster for more details!

Door to Door Electronics Recycling Pilot Project Ad

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Hours of Operation

Most Depot Bins Open 24 Hours

"Take It Or Leave It" open Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday noon to 4:30pm and Thursday evening from 4pm to 7pm.



Depot Manager - Anne Auriat
5237 - 1 Avenue, P.O. Box 7991
Edson, AB, T7E 1V9

Depot Ph: (780) 723-4002
Depot Fax: (780) 723-4035
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The Edson and District Recycling Society was officially formed on January 8, 1990.

The Society mandate is:

The Society Philosophies are: