Curbside Waste Collection

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Automated Curbside Pickup

The Town of Edson is moving to curbside waste and organic pickup starting this May. This includes both household waste and organics collection and is contracted out to Can Pak Environmental Inc.



Approximately 1/3 of Edson’s household waste has been found to be compostable. By diverting this from the landfill, Edson could reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 21 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per month.

Along with these important environmental aspects, contracting out the service has allowed us to free up staff for other areas and save money by eliminating the costs associated with repair and replacement of our garbage collection equipment.

Curbside pickup is also seen as an attractive and convenient service to residents. All at no additional cost on your utility bills!


Carts must be curbside before 7am on your collection day, wheels agains the curb, and arrow pointing towards the street. Please ensure all lids are completely closed and that the bin has at least one metre space in all directions. Bins are to be removed from the street by 9pm on pickup day.

All pickup will be done on the front curb of homes, with the exception of homes along Highway 16, which will remain alley pickup for safety reasons. If there is no defined curb on your property, the bins are to be placed at the end of your driveway, or flush with the roadway.

Carts will be delivered at the end of April or early May. Once you have received your cart the program will commence for your property.

Curbside Info Package



The dividing line for pickup will be Edson Drive/51st Street. Pickup will be front curbside of all homes, with the exception of homes along Highway 16, which will be alley pickup for safety reasons.


Residential garbage will be picked up on Wednesdays, every 2 weeks. The dividing line for pickup will be Edson Drive/51st Street. Those west of the boundary (West Route) will be picked up one week, and those east of the boundary (East Route) will be picked up the following week.

Organic pickup will be done weekly in the summer months, and every 2 weeks in the winter. West Route organics will be picked up on Mondays while East Route will be collected Tuesdays.

2018 Waste Collection Schedule


Currently there are 2 streams of waste being collected.


Download the full list of what is and is not accepted here - Curbside Waste Collection List



Receiving Bins

Bins will be delivered in late April/Early May to all residential properties under the program. Once you receive your bin the new program/schedule will commence for you.

Mobile home parks and apartment buildings are not a part of the new program as they are currently considered commercial and have private garbage collection services. 

The bins being used will be 240L. Specs can be found below or find more details at

Bin Repairs

All bin repairs will be handled by Can Pak Environmental Inc. They can be reached at (780) 515-8999.

Bins Sticking and Freezing

Generally, the bins will not experience issues with sticking or freezing. The trucks are equipped with hopper cameras to ensure bins are being emptied properly. If you are having issues with bins that are not emptied, there will be a local number set up to call.

*Helpful tip - If residents spray the inside of the bin with used cooking oil, it greatly reduces the risk of materials being frozen or stuck in the bin.

New Residential Dwellings

As new development occurs in the Town of Edson, Can Pak will deliver new bins.

Elderly and Handicap Assistance Program

On the day of the collection, crews can retrieve the bins from the home and return them once emptied. This program is offered to eldery/ handicapped residents that physically cannot get the carts to the curb. Call Can Pak at (780) 515-8999 for details and qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the FAQ Sheet here