Curbside Waste Collection

Automated Curbside Pickup Coming Soon!


The Town of Edson is moving to curbside waste and organic pickup starting this May! This service is contracted out to Can Pak Environmental Inc.

 Waste Disposal Information

Residential garbage will be picked up weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. The new schedules will be advertised prior to the commencement of the program. Organic pickup will be done bi-weekly.

Carts must be curbside before 7am on your collection day. Please ensure all lids are completely closed and that the bin has at least one metre space in all directions.

Curbside Info Package

Currently there are 2 streams of waste being collected.

See the list of what is and is not accepted here - Curbside Waste Collection List


Bins and Maintenance


Receiving Bins

About 2 weeks prior to the start of the new program, bins will be delivered to all residential customers in the Town of Edson. Mobile home parks and apartment buildings are currently considered commercial and have private garbage collection services. 

Bin Repairs

All bin repairs will be handled by Can Pak Environmental Inc. A local number is being set up to call for assistance with damaged or stolen carts.

Bins Sticking and Freezing

Generally, the bins will not experience issues with sticking or freezing. The trucks are equipped with hopper cameras to ensure bins are being emptied properly. If you are having issues with bins that are not emptied, there will be a local number set up to call.

*Helpful tip - If residents spray the inside of the bin with used cooking oil, it greatly reduces the risk of materials being frozen or stuck in the bin.

New Residential Dwellings

As new development occurs in the Town of Edson, Can Pak will deliver new bins.

Elderly and Handicap Assistance Program

On the day of the collection, crews can retrieve the bins from the home and return them once emptied. There will be more information on eligibility soon.