Immigration (Rural Renewal Stream Program)

Across a multitude of industries, many rural businesses of today are being challenged and constrained by the need of skilled labor and human capital, with Edson not being the exception. To that end, the Town of Edson is proud to be a designated community under the Rural Renewal Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. 

The Rural Renewal Stream offers eligible workers the opportunity to immigrate to Alberta as a Provincial Nominee with the formal support of the municipal government. With the support of this program, the Town of Edson fills local labour gaps by endorsing employers and job seekers to fast-track immigration for eligible candidates. For general information about the program and how it works, please use the following LINK.


If you are an employer located within the Town of Edson and are interested in participating in the Rural Renewal Stream to fill labour gaps and support candidates in attaining permanent residency, please visit our employer information page.


If you are a non-Canadian resident who is interested in obtaining permanent residency by living and working within the Town of Edson, please visit our candidate information page.

Application Process

Employers with vacancies submit an application to the Town of Edson through the Economic Development Department at,

Responsibility: Employer

The Town of Edson reviews applications and may conduct an interview with the employer to determine eligibility and participation in the program.

Responsibility: Town of Edson

The employer’s vacancy is linked to the Town of Edson job posting board.

Responsibility: Town of Edson

Prospective candidates review the job postings and apply directly to the employer for positions they are qualified for.

Vacancies will be posted as they are approved.

Responsibility: Candidate

Qualified candidate receives a job offer from the employer for full-time, permanent work.

Responsibility: Employer

The employer makes a request to the Town of Edson for a letter of endorsement on behalf of the candidate, upon approval under the Edson Rural Renewal Stream.

Responsibility: Employer

The Edson Rural Renewal Stream issues an endorsement letter directly to the candidate.

Please note: To receive a letter of endorsement, candidates must receive a job offer from an employer who is based within the Town of Edson and has been approved by the Town under the Edson Rural Renewal Stream.

Responsibility: Town of Edson

Candidate applies for provincial nomination through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Portal to receive a 204C letter from the Government of Alberta.

Questions about your application must be directed to the Government of Alberta.

Responsibility: Candidate

Once you receive your 204C letter from the Government of Alberta, you must apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada.

The employers and candidates are added to the Edson Rural Renewal Stream database for ongoing updates and support as they move through the immigration process and integrate into the community.

Responsibility: Candidate

Employers may download the application form and submit it to