Information for Candidates

The Town of Edson can only review requests for letters of endorsement after the candidate receives a job offer from an employer approved by the Town. 

Learn about the full Town of Edson Rural Renewal Stream process.

Candidates should NOT contact the Town of Edson directly with resumes or messages. Please apply directly to the employer. See the steps below for more details.

To be eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream and work in the Town of Edson, candidates must meet a series of criteria, receive an offer for a full-time, permanent position from an eligible employer, get endorsed by the Town, and apply using the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program portal.

Prior to applying for an employment opportunity, candidates are encouraged to review, understand and ensure they meet all eligibility requirements under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. There are requirements for:

  • job experience
  • education
  • language
  • financial security

Candidates are responsible for ensuring they meet the eligibility of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Rural Renewal Stream. Please review the terms and conditions for the Rural Renewal Stream. Submission of an application or nomination by the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program does not guarantee you will be issued a permanent resident visa.

Those who do not meet the eligibility will not progress through the program. Candidates that are currently living in Canada are only eligible if they have valid temporary status in Canada.

Once a candidate is confident they meet the eligibility requirements, they may apply for employment.

Candidates must receive a job offer from an employer who is based within the Town of Edson and has been approved by the Town under the Rural Renewal Stream. Please visit the Rural Renewal Stream Job Posting Board to review eligible vacancies.

  • Once you receive a bona fide job offer from an employer, your employer will present the job offer to the Town to receive endorsement.
  • The Town will review the job offer and prioritize candidates for endorsement who are most likely to successfully settle and remain residing in the community.
  • The Town may limit the number of endorsements issued by NOC (2016) group or occupation, or by employer.
  • Upon receiving an Endorsement of Candidate letter from the Town, the candidate can then submit their application through the AAIP Portal. There is a non-refundable application fee for this stream.
  • The application will be reviewed, and the candidate will be notified by the Government of Alberta if they are eligible for nomination. At the time your application is submitted and at the time the AAIP assesses your application, you must intend to and be able to work, reside, and settle in the Town of Edson.

Some occupations and job offers are not eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream. These occupations and offers are defined by the Government of Alberta.

People who work in Canada are entitled to a workplace that is safe and free from danger. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an employee through the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS).

Safe and Welcoming Work Places

A safe and welcoming workplace creates an environment where all employees are valued, included, treated with respect, and reasonably free from physical and psychological danger.

A safe and welcoming workplace has:

  • Appropriate onboarding and training, establishing policies and procedures that clearly outline the company’s culture and values, defining performance expectations, and providing equitable opportunities for professional growth and/or advancement.
  • A work environment that prohibits all forms of harassment, discrimination, and racism by ensuring that effective policies are in place both for reporting and responding to any incidents that may occur.
  • the opportunity for additional levels of support upon arrival, such as language or skill building, a community orientation, and/or a mentorship program, that help to set newcomers up for successful integration into the workplace and community.

For more information on safe and welcoming workplaces, visit

Support Resources

Below is a list of support resources for newcomers to Edson.

Town Resources:

Community Resources: