Online Payments

Make an Online Payment

The Town of Edson is now allowing payment online through online banking or via select credit cards through the OptionPay System.

To pay with your Online Banking

Search for the Town of Edson as your Payee

Your account number can be as follows:

Utility Account: the utility account number specified in your bill but without the decimal point (.)
Tax Roll: your tax roll number is your account number. If your bank does not allow you to input your roll, include zeroes at the beginning of your roll number.
Customer Account: use your customer ID shown on your invoice.
If you are unsure which account number to use, let us know.

To use a credit card through OptionPay follow the link/insturctions below or visit the Town Office during regular operating hours.

Payments can be made for:

*This system is NOT for Photo Enforcement or Provincial tickets.

Make an Online Payment

Finding Your Account Number

Account information must be included in your online payment and can be found in the following places on Town of Edson invoices.