Budget and Financial Statements

2019 Town of Edson Budget Proposal

Residents can now make use of the “Citizen Budget” tool on our website. This interactive tool will help visualize the Town of Edson’s budget, as well as give an idea of the impact certain changes would have to taxation and service levels.

For a more in depth view of the 2019 Budget Proposal, follow the link below.

2019 Town of Edson Budget Proposal*

*This proposal is not the final document and has not been approved by Council.  The budget will be presented to Council for approval in December.

Budget Timeline

The Budget will be adopted by Council in December, 2018 and finalized in the Spring of 2019, as there are some items that are not known at this time.  Here is an anticipated timeline for the passing of the Budget:

2018 Operational and Capital Budget

Council has approved the revised 2018 Capital and Operating Budgets in May. The Budget uses a 1.9% municipal tax increase. This means the amount of taxes collected by the Town for municipal purposes will increase by approximately $200,000, however, the actual taxes levied on an individual property will be dependent on their property assessment.

The modest increase allows for some reserve transfers to resume, which were halted last year to allow for the 0% budget. Funding these reserves is important for the Town as it allows for future planning for items like equipment purchases, facilities, and large-scale projects.

The 2018 budget includes a number of new and continued projects. Some highlights include; the addition of live video streaming services and archiving for Council meetings, a change to curbside garbage and organic waste collection services, and a move towards leasing some larger equipment rather than purchasing. Some capital projects for 2018 include; Kinsmen Park resurfacing (playground), Multi-use facility preliminary site selection/conceptual designs, continued SCBA replacement program for the Fire Department, water well exploration, highway flags (branding/beautification work), trail work, and road rehab work. The budget also includes the hiring of a full time IT position, an FCSS Outreach worker, as well as two staff members for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The revised operating budget also includes some grants to organizations (Wilmore Park Bike trails - $350,000 and Yellowhead Agricultural Society - $400,000).

The Mill Rate Bylaw has also been passed. The Town of Edson’s overall taxable assessment has decreased slightly by 0.96%. This is used to generate the taxation revenue and is what drives the mill rate calculations for Municipal taxes, School, and Evergreens Requisitions. The Municipal taxes for 2018 are set at a 1.9% increase, which has lead to a slight increase in the municipal residential and non-residential mill rates.

2018 Residential Mill rates:

Municipal mill rate – 5.4640 mills (2017 mill rate – 5.3205 mills)
Evergreens Foundation mill rate – 0.3739 mills (2017 mill rate – 0.3276 mills)
School mill rate - 2.5921 mills (2017 mill rate – 2.5619 mills)
​2018 Total Combined mill rate – 8.43 mills (2017 mill rate – 8.21 mills)

2018 Non-residential Mill rates:

Municipal mill rate – 13.6291 mills (2017 mill rate – 13.2060 mills)
Evergreens Foundation mill rate – 0.3739 mills (2017 mill rate – 0.3276 mills)
School mill rate - 3.7970 mills (2017 mill rate –3.8564 mills)
2018 Total Combined mill rate – 17.80 mills (2017 mill rate – 17.39 mills)

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