Online Payments


The Town of Edson is now allowing payment with select credit cards through the OptionPay System.  This can be done online or at the Town Office.

(OptionPay is a Payment Card system. Details on OptionPay can be found on the OptionPay website)

OptionPay uses a tiered fee schedule with a minimum fee of $1.50.

Click here for the full fee chart.


In order to use OptionPay, please CLICK HERE to go to the OptionPay Edson Website. See below for instructions and how to find your account numbers required for payments. 

*This system is NOT for Photo Enforcement or Provincial tickets. Photo Enforcement Tickets can be paid through the Provincial Court or ONLINE, following the directions on the notice.



Account information must be included and can be found in the following places on Town of Edson invoices. 


Please include the Customer ID number and enter any other relevant account information in the description field.

Tax Payments

When entering your payment information for taxes you'll be asked for the roll number. This can be found in two spots on your tax bill.


To pay a utility bill you will need the account number. This can be found in a couple locations on your utility bill.


This is for municipal tickets and fines ONLY. This does NOT apply to photo enforcement or Provincial tickets. See the back of those tickets for information on how they can be processed. 

For municipal tickets, please include the ticket number in the location provided.

Other / Receivable Invoices

To pay an invoice for accounts receivable, please enter the Customer ID number found near the top of the document.