The Edson fire department was first formed in 1911. At the time there were approximately 1200 residents living in the community with no fire protection of any kind. This concerned many residents in the Town and it was decided to have a Town meeting to address this issue. The result from this meeting was the formation of Edson’s first Fire Department. Mr. Maynibon was assigned the task of being Edson's first Fire Chief. To assist Mr. Maynibon with the task of establishing Edson's first Fire Department, the following people were appointed to the Department:

Captain Mr. L. A. Suek
Lieutenant Mr. Bert Pettigrew
Lieutenant Mr. W. Millar
Secretary Treasurer Mr. J. Leyden

The Town set-up a gong in the vicinity of 4th Avenue and Main Street to alert the residents of a fire. The Town purchased pails, axes and ladders for the Fire Department to use to combat fires within the community. Edson's first Fire Department was off and running. Over the years our Fire Department has seen many changes and innovations. The following are but a few of theses changes:

1911 - Edson forms first Fire Department

1912 - Edson's first fire hall was built on Main Street

1913 - Edson purchased the following apparatus for the Fire Department: A gasoline powered Waterous fire pump; Two wheeled hose reels; One wheeled chemical fire extinguisher; One hook and ladder wagon. As horses were not part of the fire department then, fire fighters either pulled the wagons by hand or relied on horse teams that were on the street at the time.

1931 - The Town of Edson started to install fire hydrants for the protection of its citizens.

1942 - A new 1942 Chevrolet fire truck was added to the Fire Department fleet.

1949 - A team of Edson Volunteer Fire Fighters decided to enter the provincial hose laying competition in Calgary. The competition was open to both volunteer and full time Fire Fighters from accross the province. Our team represented the Town very well, in fact they won the provincial event! Members of the 1949 Edson Fire Department team were: Don Dumphy, Ted Semeniuk, Bob Reynolds, George Kneteman, and Don Riggans (Fire Chief).

1952 - A new 1952 Bickel Seagrave pumper truck was purchased for the Fire Department. This unit can still be seen at the Edson Fire Station or during our local events such as parades and tours of the Fire Hall.

1958 - The Fire Department moved into a new Fire Hall located at 6th Avenue and Main Street. The Fire Hall was part of the Municipal Building at that time.

1975 - A new 1975 Thibault pumper truck was purchased for the Fire Department.

1982 - Robert (Bob) Kneteman was hired as Edson's first full time Fire Chief.

1983 - A new 1983 Superior pumper Fire Truck was purchased for the Fire Department.

1984 - A new 1984 Superior pumper Fire Truck was purchased for the Fire Department.

1984 - A new Fire Hall was constructed at the corner of 6th Avenue and 49th Street.

1988 - A new medium rescue unit is purchased for the Fire Department.

1997 - Fire Chief Robert Kneteman retires after 45 years of serving the residents of the Town of Edson. William (Bill) Dann takes over the role as Fire Chief for the Town of Edson.

2003 - William Dann retires as the Town Fire Chief, however remains with the department as the Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief. Alan Schram takes over the role as Fire Chief for the Town of Edson.

2006 - A new 2006 Superior Fire Engine was purchased for the Fire Department

2008 - Edson Fire Department hires it's first full-time Deputy Fire Chief, Tyler Robinson.

2009 - A new 2009 Heavy Rescue Unit was purchased to replace the previous Medium Rescue.