The Engineering and Planning Department is responsible for planning, design and construction of capital improvement projects for the Town of Edson including street improvements, right of way acquisitions, storm water and utility system improvements, management of development contracts and easement releases, Subdivision applications, development permit applications, and certificate of compliance applications are reviewed and processed following the Town of Edson Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan regulations.



Martino Verhaeghe, B.Sc., RPP, MCIP
General Manager of Infrastructure & Planning

Ann Dechambeau, CLGM
Acting Manager of Planning & Development

Lisa Resek
Development Officer

Jana Marcelo
Infrastructure & Planning Administrative Assistant








If you are selling or mortgaging a property, you may be requested by your lawyer or financial institution to provide a Certificate of Compliance from the Town. The Certificate of Compliance is written confirmation stating the property either conforms to the Land Use Bylaw or not. To apply for a Certificate of Compliance you will need to provide 2 original copies of a Real Property Report dated within the last 6 months. Real Property Reports must be prepared by a Registered Alberta Land Surveyor. Please see Certificate of Compliance Procedures for more information


Development Permit Application Form

This form is used when you wish to develop your property, including sheds, fences, decks, new homes, commercial buildings, etc. This is a two page document, the first page is the application and the second page is a check list of what is required to accompany the application. A Development Permit IS NOT a Building Permit; you are still required to obtain a Building Permit from an accredited Building Permit Agency for the Edson area.

Development permits are required for new construction, additions, renovations or a change in use of a building in ALL districts of the Town. Development Permits deal with the proposed development’s impact on neighboring properties and are regulated by the Town's Land Use Bylaw. If you intend to construct, renovate, demolish all or part of the buildings, change the use of a building, or add buildings to your property, you will need to apply for a Development Permit on the prescribed form. Fees start at $50.00 and go up depending on the type of development. See Development Permit, Subdivision and Other Fees for more information. Fees double if a permit is obtained after commencing construction.

Sign applications - When you wish to place a sign on your property please fill out a development permit application. Types of signs include roof, canopy/awning, wall/fascia, free standing, under canopy, projecting, portable, inflatable or billboards. Sign fees range from $50.00 - $100.00 depending on the type of sign.

Variance Application Form - The development permit application is used when a development on a property does not conform to requirements of the Town of Edson Land Use Bylaw and a variance for the nonconformity is required. If a variance is requested, the cost of the variance is $2.00 for every 0.01 m.

Encroachment Application

An Encroachment Agreement often is required when a structure(s) such as a fence, shed, house, garage, etc. is constructed beyond your property lines or over an easement or right-of-way. Encroachments are usually discovered when a property is surveyed or when a Certificate of Compliance is requested. An Encroachment Agreement is a formal acknowledgment by the owner of the land that is impacted by the encroaching structure to allow it to remain as is. The application fee is $300.00.

Town of Edson Streetscape Beautification Plan

The Town of Edson offers a Business Beautification Grant each year for those in the Downtown area or along Highway 16.

The Streetscape Beautification Grant has been instituted by Edson Town Council as an incentive to work together with property owners, encouraging a positive, memorable image to attract visitors, business and residents alike.  In an effort to reinforce this image, Town Council has set aside funds to assist property owners along 2nd and 4th Avenues, along Main (50th) Street between 1st and 7th Avenues and along 3rd Avenue between 48th Street and 52nd Street to beautify their property by providing 50% of the cost of their beautification project to a maximum grant amount of $5,000.00 to successful applicants.

Beautification Grant Application Form

Streetscape Beautification Grant Policy

Weeping Tile Inspection Form

This form is used to ensure that the weeping tiles are installed properly and that proper procedures are used for the discharge of water. The cost of these services is included in the development permit fee.



Subdivision Application Form

This application is used when you want to separate your land into two or more lots or bareland condominium units. Common Questions About the Subdivision Process explains the Subdivision Process. The cost of a subdivision is $450.00 + $100.00 for every lot being created including what is left of the original parcel. Once the lot is subdivided there is a $100.00 Endorsement Fee for each lot being registered. Subdivisions require the approval of Town Council and must be consistent with the Municipal Development Plan and any relevant Area Structure Plans.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - Filing an Appeal



Curb Cut & Driveway Crossing Application Form

This application is used when access to a property requires cutting an apron into the curbs and sidewalks or crossing an existing ditch. There is no charge for this application; however, securities may be required for construction of the Curb Cut or ditch crossing.

Application for Utility Work Approval on Town Administered Lands Form

This application is required when any work is conducted on Town owned land (eq: roads, lanes, parks, boulevards, etc). There is no charge for this application.

Moving/Removing a Mobile Home into/from a trailer park

A development permit is not required to move or remove a mobile home from a mobile home park within the corporate boundaries of the Town. 



A development permit IS REQUIRED to move or remove a mobile home from a owned lot (such as on 52nd Street, or in Pine Avenue Mobile Subdivision).



The following ASPs are available upon request.

To obtain a copy please contact the Planning Department at the Town of Edson by email or by calling 780-723-4402.


Bylaw 1689 - East Edson Industrial Park ASP 1987

Bylaw 1877 - West Grove ASP 1999

Bylaw 1958 - Johnson Estates ASP 2003

Bylaw 2022 - Hillendale Phase One ASP 2006

Bylaw 2078 - The Parks in Edson ASP 2009

Bylaw 2079 - Bench Creek ASP 2009

Bylaw 2082 - Bench Creek Redistrict land within ASP 2009

Bylaw 2100 - Eastside Industrial Park ASP Swanberg 2010

Bylaw 2116 - The Parks in Edson (2011 Hospital Amendment) 2011

Bylaw 2118 - Edson West ASP 2013

Bylaw 2202 - Anderson (Part of SE-20-53-17-5) ASP 2017