Development Permit Applications

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Development Permit Application (includes ALL development AND permanent signage, extension to existing Development Permit, and variance request)

NOTE: The above application form does not include portable and/or inflatable sign licensing. Please visit Protective Services Department for the application

Please send all inquiries and application form submissions to the following email Engineering and Planning 


Quick Access to Bylaw 2278 [Fees, Rates, and Charges] - Appendix D Planning fees

Land Use District Map: Find your zone!


Are you looking to make an improvement on your property? Build a deck or a garage? Build a commercial development? Change the zoning on your property? Are you looking to subdivide your property into two or more lots? All of these developments involve the Planning Department.

Planning is the lead department for all land development applications including Subdivisions, Land Use Amendments (Rezoning), Development Permits, Sign Permits, and Beautification Grants to name a few.

The Planning Department also prepares and maintains the Town's Inter-municipal Development Plan (IDP), Municipal Development Plan (MDP), and Land Use Bylaw (LUB), which form the basis for guiding growth and development in Edson.

We would love to hear from you. A pre-application meeting is helpful in your planning process. We can answer your questions regarding your development goals or any other planning related inquiries to help you get started. 

To book an appointment, the Planning Department can be contacted by phone at 780.723.4402 or by email at Engineering and Planning

NOTE: Section 14(1)(i) of Land Use Bylaw 2070 states that the construction of a pre-manufactured accessory building less than 10.0 square meters in area, or a patio less than 15.0 square metres is exempt from a development permit, provided that the side and rear setbacks in your zone are maintained, does not exceed your zones parcel coverage, and is not constructed on or over a utility right-of-way (URW) or easement of any kind. 

Town of Edson

For Building, Electrical, Gas, and Plumbing Permits:

Your authority having jurisdiction is ASCA.
You may choose from the following agencies:

Superior Safety Codes Inc.
Toll Free: 1-866-999-4777
Fax: 1-866-900-4711

The Inspections Group Inc.
Toll Free: 1-866-554-5048
Fax: 1-866-454-5222

For Fire Permits:

Town of Edson
Phone: (780)723-4401

For Storage Tank Systems - Fire Code:

Your authority having jurisdiction is ASCA.
Click here for storage tank systems permit information.

Roadside development permits

Government approval is required before you can build or change a development by a provincial highway.

On this page:

Please visit their website at this link here: Alberta Transportation Roadside Development Permit



This interactive map helps you in the pre-planning stages of your development. Navigate, draw, and print an overhead view of your property to include in your development permit application. Webmap also allows you to see what permits have been approved, or are pending approval. 

Please contact us at 780-723-4402 if you need help using WebMap. 




Julia Darling
Development Officer

Shaival Gajjar, MPlan


Clayton Kittlitz
General Manager of Infrastructure & Planning

Emily Jensen
Administrative Assistant of Infrastructure & Planning





Development Permit Application Form

This form is used when you wish to develop your property, including sheds, fences, decks, new homes, commercial buildings, etc. This is a two page document, the first page is the application and the second page is a check list of what is required to accompany the application. A Development Permit IS NOT a Building Permit; you are still required to obtain a Building Permit from an accredited Building Permit Agency for the Edson area.

Development permits are required for new construction, additions, renovations or a change in use of a building in ALL districts of the Town. Development Permits deal with the proposed development’s impact on neighboring properties and are regulated by the Town's Land Use Bylaw. If you intend to construct, renovate, demolish all or part of the buildings, change the use of a building, or add buildings to your property, you will need to apply for a Development Permit on the prescribed form. Fees start at $100.00 and go up depending on the type of development. See Development Permit, Subdivision and Other Fees for more information. Fees double if a permit is obtained after commencing construction.

Sign applications - When you wish to place a sign on your property please fill out a development permit application. Types of signs include roof, canopy/awning, wall/fascia, free standing, under canopy, projecting, portable, inflatable or billboards. Sign fees for residential are $100.00 and $300 for commercial.

Variance Application Form - The development permit application is used when a development on a property does not conform to requirements of the Town of Edson Land Use Bylaw and a variance for the nonconformity is required. A variance request is required in writing explaining the reasoning of your request. Once the application is reviewed and approved, the cost of the variance is $300 pre-devevelopment, and $500.00 post-development. 

Sometimes topography, or other physical circumstances, requires a variance to accommodate situations that the Land Use Bylaw cannot anticipate. If complying with the Land Use Bylaw is seen to cause ‘undue hardship,’ your application may be eligible for a variance. If you are aware your application requires a variance to the regulations set forth in the Land Use Bylaw, please provide a written rationale outlining how compliance with the Land Use Bylaw would cause undue hardship. If a variance is identified after a review of your application, you will be notified to either (1) amend your application to be compliant with the Land Use Bylaw or (2) provide a request for the variance with rationale. Variance fees apply.

Encroachment Application

Encroachment Policy D-P-10

An Encroachment Agreement often is required when a structure(s) such as a fence, shed, house, garage, etc. is constructed beyond your property lines or over an easement or right-of-way. Encroachments are usually discovered when a property is surveyed or when a Certificate of Compliance is requested. An Encroachment Agreement is a formal acknowledgment by the owner of the land that is impacted by the encroaching structure to allow it to remain as is. The application fee is $350.00 on-refundable.

Weeping Tile Inspection Form

This form is used to ensure that the weeping tiles are installed properly and that proper procedures are used for the discharge of water. The cost of these services is included in the development permit fee.

The Town of Edson is offering some amazing incentives for home builders to help continue to grow Hillendale Phase II. This new program offers a chance to build now, pay later for any company that meets the requirements. If you are considering building a new home in our community, this program could help you move that project forward!


Purchase price of land AND Municipal portion of property taxes deferred at the time of sale and becomes payable upon:

  • Transfer or change in land title
  • Residence on the land becomes occupied
  • Two years pass from the date of purchase

*The applicant will still be responsible for other applicable property taxes (education/seniors housing)

To be eligible the applicant must:

  • Be in good standing with the BILD Alberta Association, or other equivalent Provincial, Territorial, or Federal association.
  • Complete an application form prior to the expiry date of the policy. 
  • Provide a 10% deposit for the total price of the land.

Applications are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis so apply early!

For more information give our Planning Department a call at 780-723-4402.

Home Builder's Incentive Program Policy

Home Builder's Incentive Program Application Form


If you are selling or mortgaging a property, you may be requested by your lawyer or financial institution to provide a Certificate of Compliance from the Town. The Certificate of Compliance is written confirmation stating the property either conforms to the Land Use Bylaw or not. To apply for a Certificate of Compliance you will need to provide 2 original copies of a Real Property Report dated within the last 6 months. Real Property Reports must be prepared by a Registered Alberta Land Surveyor. Please call or email for more information.

Subdivision Securities Policy D-P-16

Subdivision Application Process Informational Brochure

Subdivision Application Form

This application is used when you want to separate your land into two or more lots or bareland condominium units. Common Questions About the Subdivision Process explains the Subdivision Process. The cost of a subdivision is $450.00 + $100.00 for every lot being created including what is left of the original parcel. Once the lot is subdivided there is a $200.00 Endorsement Fee for each lot being registered. Subdivisions require the approval of Town Council and must be consistent with the Municipal Development Plan and any relevant Area Structure Plans.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - Filing an Appeal

Town of Edson Streetscape Beautification Plan

The Town of Edson offers a Business Beautification Grant each year for those in the Downtown area or along Highway 16.

The Streetscape Beautification Grant has been instituted by Edson Town Council as an incentive to work together with property owners, encouraging a positive, memorable image to attract visitors, business and residents alike.  In an effort to reinforce this image, Town Council has set aside funds to assist property owners along 2nd and 4th Avenues, along Main (50th) Street between 1st and 7th Avenues and along 3rd Avenue between 48th Street and 52nd Street to beautify their property by providing 50% of the cost of their beautification project to a maximum grant amount of $5,000.00 to successful applicants.

Beautification Grant Application Form

Streetscape Beautification Grant Policy

Curb Cut & Driveway Crossing Application Form

This application is used when access to a property requires cutting an apron into the curbs and sidewalks or crossing an existing ditch. There is no charge for this application; however, securities may be required for construction of the Curb Cut or ditch crossing.

Application for Utility Work Approval on Town Administered Lands Form

This application is required when any work is conducted on Town owned land (eq: roads, lanes, parks, boulevards, etc). There is no charge for this application.

Moving/Removing a Mobile Home into/from a trailer park

A development permit is not required to move or remove a mobile home from a mobile home park within the corporate boundaries of the Town. 


  • the Town’s tax department at 780-723-4401 to provide Ownership information to the Town;
  • the Town’s Bylaw Enforcement office at 780-723-3178 to notify/coordinate the date and time of the move; and
  • a Building Permit agency to obtain building, plumbing, electrical, gas permits.


  • the Town’s tax department at 780-723-4401 to provide information to the Town;
  • the Town’s Bylaw Enforcement office at 780-723-3178, to notify/coordinate the date and time of the move; and
  • a Building Permit agency to obtain plumbing, electrical, gas permits.

A development permit IS REQUIRED to move or remove a mobile home from a owned lot (such as on 52nd Street, or in Pine Avenue Mobile Subdivision).