Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is issued by the Town of Edson, confirming that all buildings and/or structures (ie. Houses, decks, sheds, driveway extensions, hot tubs, detached garages, retaining walls, etc.) located on a property meet the setback regulations and restrictions of the Town’s Land Use Bylaw and that any required permits have been applied for, approved and issued.

Certificates of Compliance are increasingly being requested in connection with the purchase or sale of a property as the lender or buyer wants to know if the development on the property conforms to the Town’s Land Use Bylaw. If you are selling or mortgaging a property, you may be requested by your lawyer or financial institution to provide a Certificate of Compliance from the Town. The Certificate of Compliance will tell them that everything is in order, or that a compliance or other encroachment problem exists.

If a non-conformance is discovered, the Town will describe the nature of it within the Compliance Certificate and it may be that the landowner needs to take corrective action. The Town advises that if a non-conformance is found that you contact the Town’s Planning Department at the earliest opportunity to discuss corrective measures.

How do I apply for a Certificate of Compliance?

To apply for a Certificate of Compliance you will need:

  • Completed the Certificate of Compliance Application Form
  • Provide 2 original copies of a Real Property Report dated within the last 6 months. Real Property Reports must be prepared by a Registered Alberta Land Surveyor. Please see Certificate of Compliance Procedures for more information.


Certificate of Compliance Informational Brochure

Certificate of Compliance Application Form

Certificate of Compliance Stats