Land Use Bylaw Rewrite


Edson is a growing, vibrant, and diverse community.  We can all agree, a lot has changed since the 1990s, and so too must our Land Use Bylaw. While updates to the bylaw have been ongoing for some time, large changes to the topics covered in the bylaw are needed to keep up with the changing needs of our community, and best practice.

What does a Land Use Bylaw do?

A Land Use Bylaw is a tool used to help the Town achieve its overall vision. The Bylaw divides the municipality into different land use districts, or “zones”, which establishes rules and regulations for development in Town, including information on the process of making decisions on development proposals within the Town.

How does the Land Use Bylaw impact me?

As a landowner in Town, if you are planning to develop or make changes to your property such constructing a building, starting a business, undertaking renovations or redevelopment, putting up a sign, establishing a secondary suite, etc., the Bylaw will indicate the district (zone) that your property is designated, and furthermore, outline all the relevant rules and regulations that must be considered within that district, and in general.

Why are we asking for your feedback?

The Land Use Bylaw should reflect the current and growing needs of a community. We want to understand what aspects of the Bylaw are important to you,  what you think is working well, and what needs to change to make living and working in Edson even better.

Engagement #1 has wrapped up but stay tuned for more ways to get involved through the rest of the engagement process!

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What We've Learned

Engagement #1 is complete and a report has been developed based on the feedback we have received so far.Follow the link below to see the full document!