Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Link to: Municipal Development Plan (MDP) (Bylaw No. 2172)

As a primary land use planning document, the Municipal Development Plan provides policy direction and offers land-use guidelines for the Town of Edson.

The Town of Edson MDP was adopted in January 2016. According to the Hierarchy of Land Use Plans that were established in the amendments to the MGA. If there are any inconsistencies or contradictions between the plans, and IDP prevails over an MDP with respect to any lands included in the IDP and an MDP takes precedence over Area Structure Plans or Area Redevelopment Plans.

Municipal Development Plan Implementation Policy (D-P-13)

According to Section 632 of the Municipal Government Act, all municipalities with a population of 3,500 or more must, by bylaw, adopt a Municipal Development Plan (MDP).  Our Plan is adopted under Bylaw 2172. The MDP identifies several implementation tasks.  Policy D-P-13 rates these tasks according to priority, but does not assign mandated timelines associated with them.