Non-Statutory Plans/ Conceptual Scheme/ Studies

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Strategic Priorities Plan 2017 - 2021

This Strategic Plan represents Council’s overall vision for the community and supports balanced, progressive development throughout the Town of Edson. It will also serve as a guide for Administration in their planning and allocation of resources.
West End Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP)

The Town of Edson contracted Invistec Consulting Ltd to prepare a Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) for the West End Area. Although this is not a legally binding document, it establishes the long-range visions for a specific Plan Area.

The West End NCP website provides detailed information on this concept plan, including but not limited to an explanation on various phases and how to get involved.

Trails Master Plan

Edson Town Council adopted the Trails Master Plan in 2017 and Administration is now formulating a plan for implementation. The plan assesses current pedestrian infrastructure (with a primary emphasis placed on the Trails system) and establishes measures by which it can be improved in the short and long terms. The goal of the plan is to help ensure easy and efficient pedestrian access to key businesses and public spaces throughout the Town.

Master Servicing Plan – Updated 2018

The Town of Edson update the existing 2011 municipal servicing plan (MSP) and to update the 1982 transportation master plan and roadway network. This Existing Municipal Servicing Plan Update Report presents the existing and future conditions and the associated required upgrades for the water supply and distribution system, the wastewater collection system, the stormwater management system and transportation and roadway network system.

Municipal Servicing Plan – Update December 2011

In 2005, a Water Distribution System Analysis was conducted for the Town of Edson. The report detailed the existing and future requirements for the water distribution system within the Town. Subsequently, the Edson Urban Fringe Intermunicipal Development Plan was completed, which provided a framework for development in the Urban Fringe Area within Yellowhead County. This Municipal Servicing Plan (2011) update the 2005 study to include areas within the Urban Fringe Area.

Asset Management Plan (2018)

This comprehensive asset management plan (AMP) serves as the culmination of all activities undertaken as part of the Roadmap. It is an indispensable guide to asset management planning and investment into the future. Asset management is critical to extracting the highest total value from public assets at the lowest lifecycle cost. This AMP outlines both the existing state of municipal infrastructure and the Town’s financial capacity to sustain existing infrastructure into the future. Furthermore, it details the outcomes of each step of the Roadmap and provides recommendations for maintaining and continuing to develop the Town’s asset management program.

Disaster Recovery Program – Flood Damage 2002 Storm

The Disaster Recovery Program – Summary of Flood Damage Storm provides a summary of Town of Edson Flood Damage – Storm, including Town’s estimate for the emergency cost and the damage to Town’s infrastructure breaking down into projects.

Stormwater Management Plan (2005)

This Stormwater Management Plan examines the impacts of future expansion on the stormwater runoff within the Town of Edson and provides a stormwater management plan to address future development. This report does not address the existing stormwater management system.


Title Descriptions
Downtown Parking Study  (2017)

The Downtown Parking Study focused on parking supply and assessed deficiencies based on the parking requirements of the Land Use Bylaw. Rather than applying a theoretical approach, a conventional approach of vehicle counts was used to assess parking demand.

Stream Sensitivity Study (2012)

The Town of Edson was required by Alberta Environment to conduct an effluent characterization and risk assessment study of the municipal treated wastewater and discharge to the McLeod River. The effluent characterization program was structured around the Canada Wide Strategy for the Management of Municipal Wastewater Effluent and formed the majority of the study. The second part of the study involved reviewing historical data on the receiving water, collecting new receiving water samples and completing a mixing zones assessment. Result from this Stream Sensitivity Study were used to understand the current effluent quality, risk of discharge to the environment and provide some high level treatment and disinfection options for the town.

General Engineering Study - 1982

The purpose of this report is to provide guidelines for planning orderly development within the present and future boundaries. The physical infrastructure systems were reviewed and a conceptual design for expansion was developed to serve the proposed future development areas. The existing current report and data on the transportation system and solid waste handling system were also to be reviewed and assessed as to their continuing applicability to future development.

GES 1982 – Table of Content, Tables, Figures, Abbrev & Conversions

GES 1982 – Section 1 – Introduction

GES 1982 – Section 2 – Background Information

GES 1982 – Section 3 – Waterworks System

GES 1982 – Section 4 – Sanitary Sewerage & Treatment System

GES 1982 – Section 5 – Stormwater Management

GES 1982 – Section 6 – Transportation

GES 1982 – Section 7 – Solid Wastes

GES 1982 – Summary of Conclusions & Recommendations

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