Provincial Planning

Provincial land use planning is centered on the Land Use Framework, the Alberta Land Stewardship Act and the regional plans authorized under this Act.

Title Descriptions

Land Use Policies

The Land Use Policies supplement the planning provisions of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the subdivision and development regulation. The Land Use Policies contain information on the planning process, planning cooperation, land use patterns, the natural environment, resources conservation, transportation, and residential development.
Provincial Land Use Framework

The Land-use Framework adopted in 2008 sets out an approach to managing public and private lands and natural resources to achieve Alberta's long-term economic, environmental and social goals. It provides a blueprint for land-use management and decision-making that addresses Alberta's growth pressures.

Alberta Land Stewardship Act

In 2009, the Government of Alberta adopted the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA). ALSA enables served of the strategies identified in the Land Use Framework to be carried out by establishing:

  • Seven regions that cover the entire province for the purpose of establishing a regional plan.
  • The position of the Stewardship Commissioner to oversee the development and implementation of regional plans.
  • The scope of regional plans and the process for their preparation and adoption.
  • Provisions for the establishment of tools for conservation and stewardship on public and private lands.
  • A process for compliance and enforcement of regional plans.

Municipal Government Act

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the second-largest piece of legislation in Alberta and governs 352 municipalities across the province. The Act focuses on three areas: governance and administration, assessment and taxation, and planning and development.

The authority for municipal land use planning is set out in Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Part 17 provides for the preparation and adoption of plans, subdivision and development approval, and a variety of tools through which municipalities can achieve land use planning objectives. The MGA establishes a hierarchy of plans beginning at the inter-municipal level and proceeding through a plan for the municipality as a whole and plans at the sub municipal level. Furthermore, the MGA requires that Municipal Development Plan (MDP) be consistent with an Inter-Municipal Development Plan (IDP) and that an Area Structure Plan (ASP) or Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) be consistent with MDP and IDP for the land that is common to these plans. In the event of any inconsistency, the IDP prevails over MDP, ASP or ARP and MDP prevails over ASP or ARP.