Subdivision is the legal division of a single parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels. By subdividing land, each parcel created is given a separate land title. Before being registered with Alberta Land Titles, each subdivision must receive subdivision approval and endorsement from the Town’s Subdivision Approval Authority.

Common Questions About the Subdivision Process explains the Subdivision Process. The cost of a subdivision is $450.00 + $100.00 for every lot being created including what is left of the original parcel. Once the lot is subdivided there is a $100.00 Endorsement Fee for each lot being registered. Subdivisions require the approval of the Town Council and must be consistent with the Municipal Development Plan and any relevant Area Structure Plans.

Subdivision Application Process Brochure

Subdivision Application Process Chart

Subdivision Application

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - Filing an Appeal

Subdivision Application Process

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Concurring Redistricting and Subdivision Applications If you are planning on subdividing your land and are required to redistrict your land, both applications can be submitted at the same time. However, prior to receiving a decision on the subdivision, Town Council must approve the redistricting application.
Pre-Application Meeting

Before any application is submitted, planning requires a meeting with the applicant and may include staff from the Town’s Planning, Engineering, and other departments. This is required to discuss the proposed development and helps both the applicant and staff to determine what would be required to make your application reality.

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Application Submission

Once the applicant has submitted a subdivision application package including fees, Administration reviews the application for completeness. Once an application has been deemed complete, an acceptance letter will be sent to the applicant.

Application for Subdivision Package
Circulation of the Application

Once an application has been deemed complete, Administration will prepare a series of letters and maps that will be sent to stakeholders. Stakeholders include:

  • External Referrals (provincial government bodies, school boards, utility companies, adjacent municipalities, etc.);
  • Internal Referrals (Administration and Council); and,
  • Adjacent landowners and interested parties
Stakeholders have a 30 days circulation period to provide comments and voice in writing any concerns or support for the application. The applicant will be provided copies of the comments received or a summary, and will be expected to address and rectify any issues that arise.
Application Evaluation and Recommendation

The application will be reviewed to ensure it is in compliance with the Town’s Statutory Plans including the Land Use Bylaw. It will also be evaluated on criteria including access to roads, water, storm water, sanitary services, and neighbourhood land uses.

Once all comments are received, Administration will prepare a report to the Subdivision Authority. This report outlines the specifics of the parcel and the proposal, and determines what conditions must be met before the subdivision can be endorsed for registration at Alberta Land Titles.
Subdivision Authority Meeting The Director of Planning and Development is delegated as the subdivision authority. They have the authority to approve or refuse a plan of subdivision. The Subdivision Authority is required by the Municipal Government Act to render a decision on a Subdivision Application within 60 days of the application being deemed complete by Administration.
Subdivision Approval Extension

The applicant may request a time extension to the conditional subdivision approval if the conditions are not satisfied within the required 1-year period. Once this request has been submitted, Administration will circulate the application internally for review to ensure it is still in compliance with the Town’s Statutory Plans and other planning related documents.

Once all comments are received, Administration will prepare a report to the Subdivision Authority to render a decision.
Development Agreement

If you are subdividing a large parcel or multi-lot subdivision, the Town may require the applicant to enter into a Development Agreement with the Town. Development Agreements are coordinated through the Planning Department. The Development Agreement identifies issues that must be addressed before a plan of subdivision will be endorsed.

Endorsement The applicant must provide the Town with a surveyed plan of what was approved. The plan must be completed by an accredited Alberta Land Surveyor. Once all the conditions of the subdivision have been met and the endorsement application submitted, Administration will review and endorse the documents provided by the applicant that are required for land titles registration. The documents are then returned to the applicant’s surveyor or agent.
Plan Registration Once all the documents have been endorsed, the application is ready for registration with Alberta Land Titles. It is the responsibility of the surveyor to register the plan with Alberta Land Titles. The applicant has one year from the date of conditional approval to meet all conditions of subdivision and apply for endorsement.
Addressing The Planning Department is responsible for street naming, renaming, addressing and readdressing. A municipal address allows others to quickly locate properties and buildings and is essential for timely emergency services response.

Subdivision Securities Policy D-P-16

This policy establishes the procedure for taking and releasing securities at subdivision pursuant to section 655(1) of the Municipal Government Act. The policy is intended to promote full Developer compliance, as well as ensure that those works and projects which are integral to effective and enjoyable community functioning are completed with minimal financial risk to the Town.
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board – Filing An Appeal

Filling an appeal with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board


Fee Structure

Development Permit, Subdivision and Other Fees