West End NCP


West End Neighbourhood Concept Plan - DRAFT

Updated February 26, 2020

Invistec will be presenting the West End NCP to the Town of Edson Council through a Committee of the Whole meeting (virtually) on March 9, 2021 at 7pm. This meeting will allow Council the opportunity to ask questions it may have as it relates to the NCP prior to the NCP’s March 16, 2021 Council resolution date.

Updated November 23, 2020

The West End NCP is awaiting a scheduled council date for early 2021. Invistec would like to thank all who participated and provided valuable input throughout the project process.

Updated November 12, 2020

What We Heard Report - October 7th Open House

A What We Heard Report is now available, capturing all the feedback given and to provide those who were unable to attend an opportunity to explore the comments shared at the event.

Updated October 15, 2020

Public Open House Summary

Invistec would like to thank everyone who came out and attended the Public Open House on Wednesday October 7, 2020. The event was well attended and Invistec looks forward to receiving feedback on both the event itself and the land use concept.

Next Steps

Invistec is expecting to receive Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) circulation comments from internal and external agencies, as well as Open House feedback within the coming week. Once in receipt of NCP circulation comments, Invistec will update the NCP to reflect the comments collected.

A What We Heard Report will also be produced for the Open House to capture all the feedback given and to provide those who were unable to attend an opportunity to explore the comments shared at the event.

Upon addressing the NCP circulation comments and providing the What We Heard Report, the NCP will enter the final phase of the project.

Updated September 17, 2020

Public Open House Date & NCP Project Update

Invistec and the Town of Edson will be hosting a Public Open House Wednesday October 7, 2020 from 6pm-8pm at the Galloway Station Museum. West End NCP Landowners and interested members of the public are invited to attend. A brief presentation will begin at 6:30pm that will go over the project’s progression and status to-date. In addition, the proposed land use concept and policies will be presented, and attendees will be able to review and comment on the proposed plan. Members of Invistec’s planning team will be present along with members of Town Administration to answer any project related questions.

The Open House is free to attend, but we ask that residents pre-register by emailing Mandy Chan at mandyc@edson.ca to ensure we maintain numbers to comply with Alberta Health Regulations.

To ensure the safety and health of all, the Town and Invistec will be observing Alberta Health Services health regulations and protocols. Hand sanitizer will be provided, social distancing will be maintained, and masks will be available for wearing.

Next Steps: The Town is reviewing and circulating the West End Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) document to internal and external agencies. Once the circulation period is complete, and comments have been gathered from the Open House, Invistec will update and finalize the document for adoption by resolution of Council.   

Updated August 4th, 2020


Site Visit and Town Meeting

Invistec visited the Plan Area on July 28th to take perimeter site photos and to meet with the Town to discuss the NCP project. The project is now shifting into the mid phase between Phase 2 (land use concept) and Phase 3 (NCP finalization).

The Town is reviewing the first draft of the NCP document, while Invistec awaits further comments on the proposed land use concept from landowners prior to continuing work on the NCP document.

Next steps: Invistec and the Town are working towards organizing a date/method for the Public Open House. The Public Open House will allow landowners and members of the public to review the proposed land use concept and land use policies. Landowners will be notified via mail of the proposed date(s) for the Open House once a method for hosting the event is determined due to COVID-19.

Updated June 10, 2020


Virtual Workshop

A virtual workshop was held on May 28, 2020, with landowners within the NCP boundary. Highlights of the workshop can be viewed via the video below. The landowners in attendance provided their aspirations and visions for their lands, which will be incorporated into the land use concept and the vision statement for the plan. Read the What We Heard Report.

Click here for video highlights of the workshop.

Landowner Survey (Closed)

This survey was intended only for those landowners within the Plan Area as well as those adjacent to it. The information provided will help Invistec understand landowner interests and concerns and will help further inform the land use concept for this project! This survey closed June 8th, 2020.

Updated April 21, 2020


West End Neighbourhood Concept Plan

The Town of Edson has contracted Invistec Consulting Ltd to prepare a Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) for the West End Area.

What is an NCP?

An NCP is a non-statutory (not legally binding) document that aims to establish a long-term vision for a specified Plan Area. In addition, the NCP will provide the Town with a comprehensive plan that establishes a long-range vision for orderly and economical development.

What is the process?

This project will take a 3-phase approach, as depicted in the infographic below:

How can I get involved?

There are opportunities for landowners, key stakeholders, and other interested parties to get involved throughout the planning process. Engagement opportunities will be found on this website and will be updated as the project progresses. Opportunities for feedback and engagement will include a landowner workshop, surveys, and a public open house*.

*Due to the COVID-19 global health pandemic, Invistec, in consultation with the Town, have devised alternative (online) engagement methods for this project. Subject to Federal and Provincial Health orders, engagement for this project will be online, rather than in in-person until further notice. 

Who does it affect?

The West End NCP affects landowners whose lands are located within the Plan Area, key stakeholders, as well as anyone interested in developing within the Plan Area in the future. The NCP will provide landowners, key stakeholders, and other interested parties with appropriate land uses and development options for their lands based on the policies adopted within the NCP. The Plan will layout the land uses to locate future light industrial and commercial uses and ensure that these uses are compatible with existing and adjacent land uses.

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Why create an NCP?

The three key reasons for creating an NCP for the West End are:

  1. The Plan Area is adjacent to lands that are outside of the Town of Edson and are within the jurisdiction of Yellowhead County. Coordinated planning efforts are a requirement of the Town’s Intermunicipal Development Plan agreement with the County as well as the Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan.
  2. In order to achieve orderly and economically efficient use of lands, a plan is prepared. The NCP will provide direction to many details from engineering and infrastructure, to how the Plan Area will be serviced, as well as how the land uses will be arranged.
  3. Provides an opportunity to establish a larger (and more coherent) vision for the Plan Area, and ultimately better reflect the aspirations of the Town, as well as each landowners goals for their land.

How long will it take?

The West End NCP will be ongoing between April 2020 – November 2020 and will conclude with the NCP being adopted by resolution of Town Council.

How can I find out more information?

Please contact Stephen Yu for more information on the planning process:

Stephen Yu, MPlan, RPP, MCIP
Manager of Planner
Invistec Consulting Ltd