Public Works

The Public Works team is responsible for maintaining Edson roadways, water & sewer lines, snow removal, sanding and the animal pound.

The Public Works Department employs 15 full time staff in the winter including Utility Operators, Mechanics, a receptionist, Equipment Operators and a Building and Facility Maintenance person. In the summer months we add Parks Operators, a Parks Foreman and numerous Summer Students.

Request for Qualification


General Contractors

The Town of Edson is requesting a pre-qualification process for contractors who perform construction and maintenance work for the Town of Edson. The intent of the pre-qualification is to provide improved and more consistent project outcomes for the Town of Edson by working with contractors who are committed to continuous improvement in process and systems. Pre-qualification will focus on The Public Works Department.

This report will focus on:

General Contractor Request for Qualification

Water/Sewer Installation Contractors

The Town of Edson is now accepting submissions from Contractors that are interested in pre-qualifying for the provision of water/sewer installation services within the Town of Edson. The Town will provide the developer with an approved list of Contractors to complete the install.

The scope of services to be provided either to the Town or developers include:

This RFQ process will determine a qualified list of Contractors that can be given to developers or homeowners.

Water Sewer Request for Qualification


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