Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives and Environmental Impact

This section will highlight some of the green initiatives the Town of Edson is working on, as well as the environmental benifits to some current systems the Town has in place. 

This lines up with Council's Strategic Priorities of a Vibrant and Healthy Community.

  • Recognizing our role in environmental stewardship and creating plans and policies which support responsible practices, including procurement, energy conservation and the three Rs.

Check back often as we'll be updating as new projects come online!

Waste Management

The Town of Edson is well known for being leaders in waste management practices. From our curbside waste/organics program, to our excellent recycling program, Edson remains committed to the environment through good waste management practices and facilities.

Curbside Organics Program

In 2018, Edson started a curbside cart collection program. Under the program, organic materials such as food and yard waste are collected separately from other residential waste materials in green curbside bins provided by GFL Environmental Inc. This material is then hauled to the CLEANIT GREENIT COMPOSTING SYSTEM INC’s facility in Edmonton.

This has helped increase Edson's waste diversion rates, keeping organics out of the landfill.  This will help in extending the life of the landfill, as well as reducing the Town's environmental impact.

Approximately 1/3 of Edson’s household waste has been found to be compostable. By diverting this from the landfill, Edson could reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 21 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per month.

Program Review - Year 1

The Curbside Organics Collection Program was very successful in its initial full year of operation.

The total amount of organic material collected in 2019 for composting was 670 metric tons.

This means that 51% of Edson’s curbside material collected has been diverted from the landfill, and is being composted and sold in a variety of soil amendment products by Cleanit Greenit.

This volume of diverted material preserves approximately 335 cubic meters of airspace in the regional landfill per year. That is equivalent to about three 53-foot Sea-can containers!

The graph below shows the residential waste collected in Edson annually since 2011. The dark shading in the graph below represents composting in relation to landfilling.

Edson and District Recycle Depot

The Town of Edson has one of the best and most well-known recycling programs in the Province. Run by the Edson and District Recycling Society (EDRS), the Town supports this facility with annual grants of around $500,000 (2019). This is cost shared with Yellowhead County (35%).

The Town of Edson has also committed to recycling bin uniformity with local schools at our public facilities. This includes the Edson & District Public Library, Galloway Station Museum, Repsol Place, and the Public Works Shop.

The Town of Edson Organics and Recycling Programs are very important as we make strides to reduce the amount of waste going to our landfill.  Early statistics are indicating shift in the right direction.

Water System

The Town of Edson runs on a well system for potable water. Currently there are 11 wells with 9 actively supplying water.

For more information on the well system and treatment of the water, please visit our Water and Sewer Section.

While we do draw water from the aquifer, the environmental benefits to a well system are the reduction in chemicals for treatment and a reduction in power consumption compared to traditional treatment facilities.

Take the Well Site Virtual Tour

Water Conservation

The Town of Edson is committed to providing the best quality water possible, and to maintaining a steady supply for our residential, business, and emergency needs.

Currently the Town of Edson is on a well system with a steady supply of potable water. With that said, water conservation is key when it comes to long term supply and water management.

To help achieve this goal the Town of Edson is:

What you can do to help:

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Edson's new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) came online in 2019. This facility was required following some testing and regulatory changes. For background information and more details on the plant, please visit our Water and Sewer Section.

The new WWTP includes:

  1. Pumping capacity for up to 32 million liters of wastewater per day
  2. Primary screens and wash press to remove rags, large rocks, and other plastic debris from the waste stream
  3. Grit removal system
  4. Two combined treatment units, allowing one to be taken out of service for cleaning
  5. Aeration equipment
  6. Onsite lab

Some key environmental benefits of the new WWTP:

  • Ammonia was reduced from levels as high as 35 mg/L in 2009/2010 study to continuously below 5 mg/L under the new operating approval.
  • Effluent pH on average has been reduced.
  • Town of Edson has been passing the LC50 testing, which is a direct measure of impact to aquatic life. This was not always the case under the previous system.

Take a Tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant

Town Purchasing & Procurement Policy

As part of the Town of Edson's commitment to good environmental stewardship, new policies and procedures are being developed to keep the environment top of mind for Town projects.

Fleet Management

The Town of Edson is currently developing a new fleet management model. This means moving to a risk and condition-based assessment replacement program for all fleet units versus traditional tangible capital asset process. In other words, rather than just replacing units at specified times, vehicles and equipment will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and replaced at the true end of life.

Along with extending the life of equipment, purchasing considerations will include consideration for eco-friendly models and options to reduce carbon foot-printing.

Energy Conservation and Alternative Fuel - E-Charging Station

A part of the Town’s Downtown Enhancement Strategy and environmental initiatives, Edson has started to review benefits and feasibility of additional universal vehicle charging stations in our community.

Administration is currently exploring Electric Vehicle for Municipality (EVM) funding options.