Snow Plowing and Removal

Current Update

October 27th, 2020

Our on-call staff have begun early shifts to perform daily road condition assessments, along with necessary sanding

Please report any concerns to the Town by calling the 780-723-4402 or using the Report-a-Problem feature on our mobile app or website (


Snow Removal General Information

The following are the guidelines laid out for crews when snow removal is necessary.

Snow Removal Policy (O-T-3) - Updated February 18th, 2020

Snow Removal Priority Map + Commercial Zone

Snow Grading Map

Ice Control Map

Residential Snow Removal Zone Map

*Notes for 2020/2021. Some changes are anticipated this season due to the 2020 emergency budget and 0.9 staff schedule. This will result in some service level changes when it comes to snow removal. The following changes are in place for the 2020 snow season.

Note: If residential streets are being cleared and there is another heavy snowfall, the snow removal crew will return to the high priority areas before completing residential areas.

Town of Edson residents are asked to watch for snow removal signs in their neighbourhood. Once the signs are in place all vehicles need to be removed from the street or risk snow removal not being done or vehicles getting towed. If your vehicle has been towed please contact Bylaw at 780-723-3178 to find out where your vehicle has been moved to.

Sanding: During regular business hours the town crews monitor the streets for sanding. After hours we have personnel that take calls and can send crews out if necessary. There is now a designated route for ice control to maintain problem areas first.

Hydrant Snow Removal: Banking snow around, or over a fire hydrant creates problems for emergency fire crews. Blocking access, or reducing the visibility of hydrants increases the response time and could result in unnecessary property damage. Fire fighters have to be able to locate the hydrant, remove the caps and attach the fire hose as quickly as possible. These caps are removed using a hydrant wrench; a process that cannot be done quickly when there is a build-up of snow around the hydrant. Your cooperation in maintaining hydrant access is greatly appreciated.

Sidewalk Clearing: Bylaw No. 1796 states that all snow and/or ice must be removed from sidewalks within 48 hours of the time it was formed and deposited. It is also unlawful to deposit snow on the road.

The Town of Edson would like to thank residents for their cooperation during the snow removal process.

Snow Removal FAQs

How do you determine the plowing priorities?

The priorities have been set based on emergency vehicle access, bussing routes, downtown parking, and residential access. 49th Street and 6th Avenue are always done first to open up the Town to emergency vehicles. Once priority routes are cleared main residential streets are opened up to allow at least one main plowed road in each area before clearing out the side streets.

The priority list and map can be found above.

Why do the areas that require snow hauling take longer than other areas of Town?

Certain areas of Town require snow to be hauled off rather than just plowed to the side of the road. Those areas include, Downtown, Westhaven, Tiffin, Westgrove and some parts of Hillendale. All of these areas need to be prioritized separately and may take a bit longer to get done based on equipment and/or contractor availability.

What is the process for hauling snow Downtown?

The Downtown core is now maintained as part of the commercial priority district. Commercial Snow Removal Map

Why does the plow leave a large pile of snow across my driveway?

Because snow plows are designed to push snow to the side, snow does get deposited on residential driveways. The Town of Edson does take steps to reduce the amount of snow deposited as much as possible. Our graders have snow gates that should reduce the windrow left behind. Heavier snowfall can cause larger windrows, and while we do our best to reduce this, our main goal is to get streets opened up for safe travel for our residents and emergency vehicles.

Why was my vehicle towed? What do I do now?

Once snow removal signs are up, residents are given 24 hours to remove their vehicles. If a vehicle is not removed it must be towed to allow access for our equipment. If your vehicle has been towed you’re asked to call the Bylaw Department at 780-723-3178 to find out which towing company was used and where the vehicle is being stored.

Why was my vehicle plowed in?

Residents are asked to park off-street after a snowfall to allow for proper snow removal. If a vehicle is left on the street when it is being plowed the operator has no choice but to plow around it. Operators do slow down when possible to reduce the amount of snow built up around the parked vehicle, but they must continue clearing the streets to get them opened up as quickly as possible.

When do you sand roads?

During regular business hours Town crews monitor the streets for sanding. After hours we have personnel that take calls and can send out crews if necessary. There is also a new Ice Control Route to better maintain problem areas. A sand/salt mixture is used to help remove the ice and add traction.

Are people allowed to use personal vehicles/ATV’s to remove snow?

The Town of Edson does not allow personal vehicles to be used to remove snow from streets. If property is damaged while a resident is using their own equipment to clear snow they can be held liable for the damage. Residents are allowed to use their own equipment to remove snow from their own driveway and sidewalk but are not allowed to use personal equipment on Town owned property.

I got stuck and a snow plow drove right by me. Why didn’t they stop to help?

Unfortunately, operators are not permitted to stop to help tow or push other drivers in most cases. Streets must be opened up for the safety of all drivers and if they make too many stops it would greatly increase the time it takes to get the streets cleared. Our main priority is to get the roads opened up for all drivers.