Water and Sewer

The Town of Edson is the provider of Water and Sewer services for the community.

Edson uses a well system and we are constantly exploring new sites to ensure our supply of fresh water is maintained and that the water collected is of the highest quality.



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Rate Changes - Jan 1, 2023

Rates are changing January 1, 2023

The Fees and Charges Bylaw was passed by Council on November 15th, 2022.

  • Water – Rate adjusted from $1.47 to $1.94/m3.
  • Sewer – Rate adjusted from $1.51 to $1.94/m3.

The updated fee schedule can be viewed below.

Water System

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The Town of Edson's water supply comes from a well system. Currently we have 11 wells, with 9 of them actively supplying water.

The water is treated before entering the potable system. A 12% sodium hypochlorite liquid solution is used, along with disinfection piping, to achieve a 4-log virus removal rate.

Some of the advantages of a well system:

  • wells are considered high quality and require minimal treatment to meet Canadian drinking water guidelines
  • maintenance costs are low
  • more than one well source
  • economical building costs
  • wells are located close to existing distribution lines.

Some disadvantages are supply volumes are lower compared to a river, wells are spread out around the Town, there are multiple pumps and buildings to maintain, and wells require constant exploration.

While we do draw water from the aquifer, the environmental benefits to a well system are the reduction in chemicals for treatment and a reduction in power consumption compared to traditional treatment facilities along the river.

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Water Risk Levels

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Help us keep reservoir levels up through dry spells this summer by conserving water where you can.
Why do we ask you to conserve water?
The Town of Edson relies on multiple water wells to supply our residents and commercial users with potable water. During long dry periods the water usage per person goes up and the wells can’t always keep up with production. Many factors can play into this, including our regulatory requirements, equipment availability, and how our users (businesses and residents) are using the water.
We need to keep a safe level in our reservoirs to ensure we have adequate water for fire or other emergencies. The Town of Edson is continually looking for ways to increase our water supply and treatment capabilities. Please see the attached chart that reflects measures that will be taken depending on reservoir levels throughout the year.
If we all work together to conserve water, there will be a better chance that amenities will remain open for everyone to enjoy.



Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Edson's new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) came online in 2019. This facility was required following some testing and regulatory changes.

The new WWTP includes:

  • Pumping capacity for up to 32 million liters of wastewater per day.
  • Primary screens and wash press to remove rags, large rocks, and other plastic debris from the waste stream.
  • Grit removal system.
  • Two combined treatment units, allowing one to be taken out of service for cleaning.
  • Aeration equipment.
  • Onsite lab.

Some key benefits of the new WWTP:

  • Ammonia was reduced from levels as high as 35 mg/L in 2009/2010 study to continuously below 5 mg/L under the new operating approval.
  • Effluent pH on average has been reduced.
  • Town of Edson has been passing its LC50 testing, which is a direct measure of impact to aquatic life.



In 2012, the Town of Edson completed a study to look at impacts from the existing lagoon system on the McLeod River.  The study was requested by Alberta Environment and Parks as part of a program to determine whether municipalities could achieve national minimum performance standards.  The study examined wastewater parameters, river data, and studied the impacts of effluent on aquatic life over several years.  The final study indicated that upgrades would have to be implemented in order to comply with the new performance standards, particularly to reduce the concentration of unionized ammonia being discharged from the treatment facility. 

Design and construction of the upgrades took several years to complete. Design included effluent monitoring, process modelling, equipment layout, and many discussions with regulators prior to construction.

The design of the new facility allows further expansion of the facility to treat additional wastewater from residents, reduce certain chemical parameters, and include effluent disinfection in the future as our operating approval limits change. 

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