What is Community Development?

Howard Lawrence paid a visit to our town on October 10, 2018 for a presentation regarding the Abundant Community initiative and reconnecting within our neighbourhoods. Stories were shared, both successes and failures, putting the work of connecting with neighbours into perspective.  It can seem daunting, or like it won't make a big difference. This however is a myth. Reconnecting can be done through something as simple as a coffee cart out on the sidewalk with an open invitation to neighbours or pulling your BBQ out onto the driveway and inviting the neighbours over for a hotdog and a 30 minute visit. There doesn't need to be extensive planning or even the feeling of invading personal space. Meet up at the park nearby, outside on the lawn or in the backyard. 

Check out our Block Party program for ideas to get connecting. 

We need more neighbouring! There are several benefits of neighbouring. A few of the key benefits:

Health and Wellness: More and better relationships improve health.  The neighbouring relationship is often overlooked as a unique and potent source of personal well-being.

Mental Health: Having access to consistent opportunities to build meaningful relationships opens the door for a troubled neighbour to connect with a supportive neighbour and benefit from human connection.

Poverty Reduction: People in poverty need often complex services, many of which can be provided through kindness and generosity of neighbours. When people know their neighbours, they are more likely to share resources (yard equipment, car shares, babysitting, employment advice). In addition, neighbours are well positioned to be a "broker" or to connect neighbours in need of necessary services.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our list of benefits HERE. This list is not exhaustive. There are many more benefits of neighbouring!

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