Block Party

What is a Block Party?

A block party gives you and your neighbours the opportunity to socialize and have fun together. Block parties help promote a stronger sense of community, enhance safety within the neighbourhood, and celebrate the reasons why people call Edson home.

Why Should You Have a Block Party?



Register your Block Party:

Print the registration form and return it to Community Services in the Town of Edson Office to be considered a "registered" Block Party. This will allow you to submit receipts for up to a $200 rebate and qualify for 24 FREE cupcakes for your party if you are one of the first 10 to register.


Street Closure

A Street Closure IS NOT NECESSARY for you to throw the coolest party on the block. You can throw one on the driveway, lawn, across the street at a local park OR plan to meet at a park in town with your neighbours. You can even have a Block Party at a community hall, like Pine Grove. 

If you ARE planning to host your party on the street, you will need permission from the Town of Edson. Complete the “Permission to Block the Street” Form. Most of your neighbours will be required to sign off that they agree with the street closure, and then you are good to go! Once your request has been approved, street closure signs will be made available to you for the duration of your Block Party!


Host a soup night! A small social gathering with neighbours, sharing recipes and eating yummy soups. These events don't take much to plan and they offer an opportunity to connect with the families in our neighbourhoods. Start with a group of 3 or 4 neighbours and slowly build your "Pass the Ladle" group within your neighbourhood. Think about how easy suppers will be when you have neighbours taking turns creating and sharing delicious soups.  Of course, feel free to make variations of dishes such as chili, casseroles and stews. 

Rebates are available as they are through the Block Party program. Keep your receipts and submit them along with a success story. We will rebate the host of your soup night! Recipe cards like these are available at the Town of Edson Community Services office.  The blank recipe card on the back can be used to jot down the recipe of the night or for you to share a recipe of your own with neighbours.

5 Simple Steps to planning a soup night:

1. Invite your neighbours! A simple where, when, what and bring your own spoon and bowl will do!

2. Set the table.

3. Serve the soup and have a great time together.

4. Plan for the next soup night!

5. Submit your receipts and success story to the Community Services office.

Here are some yummy recipe ideas to get you started:

Cheeseburger Soup

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

3-Ingredient Tomato Soup

Busy Day Soup

5-Ingredient Broccoli Cheese Soup

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

The Best Chili Recipe

Strengthening Neighbour-to-Neighbour Relationships and Responsilbilities

The Benefits of Neighbouring

Adopted from: Abundant Community Edmonton

Want to figure out if your neighbours are interested in having a Block Party? You can use this questionnaire and stick it to your neighbours doors to find out! Be sure to leave your contact information so they can get back to you with a response.


If you don't have a printer and you'd like a few copies to give out in your neighbourhood, come by the Community Services department at the Town office! 

Block Party Rebate

A maximum rebate of $200.00 is available from the Town of Edson, Community Services Department towards eligible expenses for a registered Block Party. Eligible expenses shall include, but are not limited to, food, non-alcoholic beverages and entertainment. It is at the discretion of the Director of Community Services (or his/her designate) which expenses shall be deemed eligible. A maximum of five registered block parties per year may receive the rebate.


For further information, please read the Community Block Party Policy below:



Friends, Neighbours and Family. These are the nutrients that will help neighbourhoods and community grow.  All nutrients have equal importance.  We can restore our neighbourhoods with these nutrients.

Throw a Block Party to reconnect with friends, neighbours and family.  You can host a Block Party on your street, invite your neighbours, friends and family, even if they don't live there. Extend your neighbourhood to your loved ones. Create a deeper sense of community within your neighbourhood.

Complete this Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt at your Block Party, or check out links below for other activity ideas that you can prepare for your upcoming Block Party!

Creative Ideas for Your Block Party

All you need is a paper plate, paper invite and string!
All you need is a paper plate, paper invite and string!

Outdoor Games

Door Hanger Ideas

Taco in a Bag

Squirt Gun Race

Lawn Twister

Neighbourhood Movie Night

Minute to Win It Games

Driveway Dinners

The Block Party is a Community Development initiative, connecting neighbourhoods, a partnership between the Town of Edson Community Services and FCSS, A Healthier Edson (Alberta Health Services), Victim Services, the RCMP and Citizens on Patrol.