Neighbourhood Leagues & Block Party

Welcome to the Edson community Neighbourhood Leagues official page. We're excited that you've decided to neighbour!

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Neighbourhood Leagues Map
*Shows the locations and boundaries of all Neighbourhood Leagues
** If you are unsure in which neighbourhood you reside, call 780-723-4403


Descriptions/boundaries of the Edson Neighbourhoods:

Includes all households north of 13th avenue along 63rd Street (north of Airport), up to HWY 748.

Includes all households within Poplar Place Trailer Court off of 13th Avenue.

Includes households east of 63rd Street (north of Airport), north of Creekside, south of 13th Avenue up to and including 61st Street. (neighbourhood cut off at trail behind 61st Street)

Includes households east of 61st Street, north of Sunset Trailer Court, south of 13th Avenue and west of 56th Street.

Includes households within Creekside Trailer Court.

Includes households within Sunset Trailer Court.

Includes households north of HWY 16, south of Glenaire road, east of 75th Street and up to and including 63rd Street (south of Airport). Includes residents living west of town up to Rodeo Road.

Includes households within Cedar Trailer Court.

Includes households north of 4th Avenue, east of 55th/56th Street, south of 13th Avenue, and west of 51st Street. Includes all households along the highway corridor easy of 55th Street and west of 51st Street. Includes all households south of the tracks at 54th Street.

Includes households in Wilshire. Includes households south of trail, north of 15th Avenue, up to and including Edson Drive (until it meets 15th Avenue).

Includes households south of 15th Avenue, east of 56th trail (Tags), north of 13th Avenue and west of Edson Drive.

Includes households east and south of Edson Drive, north of 12th Avenue, west of 48th Street.

Includes households south of 12th Avenue, east of 51st Street, north of 4th Avenue and west of 46th Street. Includes all households along the highway corridor easy of 51st Street and west of 46th Street.

Includes households south of trails (Parkland/Pinegrove), east of 46th Street, north of 4th Avenue and up to and including 42nd Street. Includes all households along the highway corridor east of 46th Street and up to and including 42nd Street.

Includes households south of Hillendale trail, east of 42nd Street, north of Lion’s Campground and west of 41st Street (Hospital Road). Includes households located down the Golf Course Road.

Includes households within Hillendale boundary, south of HWY 748, north of Hillendale trail.

Information for Neighbourhood League Champions

Neighbourhood League Facebook groups can consist of more than one neighbourhood as long as it makes geographical sense for that area. For example, Westgrove and Westhaven have a shared neighbourhood group, while Hillendale has their own.

If you are interested in becoming a Neighbourhood League Champion, here is an idea of what your role means:

Neighbourhoods that are not claimed or where no Neighbourhood League Champion has come forward, a group will be created by our team and we will invite neighbours! Once the group gets rolling we will request that a neighbour takes on the role of the group moderator and let it go from there. 

Our hope is that community members take this opportunity to build a safer and more connected community through the use of Neighbourhood Leagues.


A block party gives you and your neighbours the opportunity to socialize and have fun together. Block parties help promote a stronger sense of community, enhance safety within the neighbourhood, and celebrate the reasons why people call Edson home.

The Block Party is a Community Development initiative, connecting neighbourhoods, a partnership between the Town of Edson Community Services and FCSS, A Healthier Edson (Alberta Health Services), Victim Services, the RCMP and Citizens on Patrol.