Kinsmen Spray Park

Kinsmen Spray Park
Kinsmen Spray Park

The Kinsmen Spray Park is an interactive outdoor playground located at Kinsmen Park (7 Avenue and 48 Street).

**UPDATED HOURS**  The Spray Park is open from 10am to 8pm daily.

It's a great place to bring the kids on a hot summer day to cool down. With washroom facilities on site, plenty of green space, picnic tables with sun shades, loungers, fire pits, outdoor exercise equipment, and both a dry and wet playground, you can really make a full day out of it!

COVID-19 Update (June 29th, 2020)

We are opened the Spray Park on June 18th! There will be a few changes due to the COVID-19 Regulations and emergency budget, which includes a 0.9 employee schedule for the remainder of 2020.

*Updated Hours (as of July 29th, 2020)– The Kinsmen Spray Park will be open from 10am to 8pm daily.

*Patrols – Staff will be monitoring the park and working with our users to ensure COVID-19 Health Orders are being followed, including social distancing.

*Disinfection – The Kinsmen Spray Park area will be disinfected every morning. It is recommended that hand sanitizer is used by all patrons prior to, and after, use of the park facilities.

*Restricted Areas – There is fencing and roped off areas to protect new grass and areas under construction. Please respect the signage/fencing and stay out of those locations.

COVID-19 Regulations

Help us keep this facility open by following these guidelines! The Spray Park is to be used at your own risk.