Outdoor Skating Rinks

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Updated February 9, 2022
Outdoor Rinks Temporary Closures
With the warm temperatures, the outdoor rinks at Glenwood and Griffiths Park have been temporarily closed. The ice surface is currently too soft for skating. Crews will be monitoring conditions and will open the ODRs as soon as the ice surface is suitable to do so.

The Town of Edson currently operates and maintains two outdoor skating rinks.

Glenwood Park Outdoor Arena is located at 463 - 72 Street. This arena has full boards with lights (until 10:30 pm). There is a change facility and washrooms on site.

Griffiths Outdoor Arena is located behind Griffiths Park Centre Building at 5414 - 6 Avenue. This arena has full boards with lights (until 10:30 pm).

There are also 2 community run outdoor rinks available for public use. The Westhaven rink is located at 5901 10th Avenue, while the Tiffin rink is at 1408 55th Street. These are maintained and operated by volunteers in the community.

Any community member wanting to run or be involved in the creation or maintenance of these rinks is asked to speak to the Community Services Department. From there, residents will be required to sign out the key to the hydrant to enable them to flood the rinks. Once the key is signed out, that member is responsible for location and the return of the key at the end of the season. 780-723-4403

In each location, the town will supply hose and connections to the hydrants. If these are faulty or broken, please let the Town know so they can be replaced/repaired as required.

*Please keep hydrants locked when not in use to prevent them from being turned on or opened and freezing the lines. I this happens it costs approx $5,000 to repair.

Some helpful tips for starting the rink flooding process are:


***The Town of Edson would like to request these facilities be utilized in a safe and respectful manner.  In the past, staff have found smashed bottles, debris etc at the rinks. if anyone observes our facilities being abused, please report it to the Town Office or RCMP. Thank you!