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Revised Land Use Bylaw - Final Draft

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The Town of Edson has unveiled its revised Land Use Bylaw (LUB), aimed at guiding development and shaping the town's future. The final draft was presented at the Edson Committee of the Whole Meeting on February 13, 2024. Before the Council deliberates on the bylaw, we are offering a chance for landowners, residents, and business owners to examine the draft.
The LUB divides the municipality into distinct land use zones, establishing development rules and informing decision-making processes. It's designed to be flexible, clear, and aligned with local context and higher-order documents like the Municipal Development Plan.
The Town of Edson encourages individuals to acquaint themselves with the Draft Land Use Bylaw, understanding the changes made. Feedback from the community is welcomed and will be taken into consideration before the final bylaw is presented to the Council.
Stay informed and participate by visiting the Town website at www.edson.ca/LUB.