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Water Medium Alert

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Water Medium Alert Risk Level / Spray Park Hours

Due to the ongoing warm, dry weather, the Town's water reservoir levels have fallen below the 60% threshold. This means we currently are using more water than our wells can produce to replenish the reservoirs overnight. As a result, we have now moved into a medium-risk level, bordering on high risk.

When water reservoir levels get to the 50% mark and lower it compromises our ability to provide adequate fire suppression to our community, therefore, conservation measures being implemented are for the safety of our residents.

The following measures are now in place:

  • Street sweeping, flower watering, and all other non-emergency operations that use water are suspended for the day.
  • Until further notice, the Spray Park hours are reduced to between 1-5 pm. Additionally, portions of the spray park will be turned off to help reduce water consumption.
  • The Bulk Water Station is open for potable use for limited hours, from 9-5 pm. After these hours, users will need to source water from other stations in the region.

The water situation is being constantly monitored and further adjustments could be made based on conditions.

We are also asking residents to reduce their water usage today and throughout the heat wave.  If we all work together to conserve water, there will be a better chance that amenities will remain open for everyone to enjoy. For water conservation tips, visit www.edson.ca/green.

See the Water Risk Level Chart for more details or go to https://www.edson.ca/services/utilities/water-and-sewer.