Proposed Bylaws

Numerous bylaws get passed over the course of the year. In some cases extra advertising and/or feedback will be required. In these cases the bylaw will be advertised in the media and posted here for further review.

Proposed Edson Cannabis Framework

The Federal Government is set to legalize cannabis this fall. See the info sheet and proposed Cannabis Framework for how the Town of Edson plans to deal with the legalization, and provide feedback by calling 780-723-4402 or emailing our Planning Department



Frequently Requested Bylaws

Our most frequently requested bylaws are listed below. For each bylaw, a short synopsis has been provided, as well as the ability to download the bylaw in its entirety. If you are searching for a bylaw that is not listed, please follow this link or contact the Town Office at (780) 723-4401.

Animal Control Bylaw

The Animal Control Bylaw is a Bylaw to license and regulate dogs, and to regulate and control cats within the Town of Edson. Under this Bylaw:

1. No dog or cat is permitted to run at large, cause damage to property, defecate on public or other private property, habitually bark or attack any person in the Town at anytime.
2. All dogs must be licensed annually and wear its tag at all times. Fees are as follows:


Animal   Licensing FEES

License   paid prior to February 28

License   paid after February 28

License   paid after August 1

Non   altered Dog (renewal)

$ 35.00

$ 70.00

$   70.00

Altered   Dog (renewal)

$ 20.00

$ 40.00

$   40.00

Voluntary   New Dog License (non-altered)

$ 35.00

$ 35.00

$   17.50

Voluntary   New Dog License (altered)

$ 20.00

$ 20.00

$   10.00

Involuntary   New Dog License (non-altered)

$ 35.00

$ 70.00

$   70.00

Involuntary   New Dog License (altered)

$ 20.00

$ 40.00

$   40.00

3. Restricted dogs must at all times be kept in a secure enclosure or on a permitted leash controlled by the owner. In addition, a muzzle must be worn if the dog is taken off the owner's property.

Anyone who contravenes a provision of this Bylaw is subject to fines of $50 to $2,000. Any inquiries should be directed to Bylaw Enforcement at 780-723-3178.

For a complete review of this bylaw, please reference the link below:

Animal Control Bylaw

Dog License Application Form

Bulk Water Bylaw

This Bylaw pertains to Bulk Water Services within the Town of Edson.

If you would like to set up a bulk water account, please contact the Landfill at (780) 723-6476.  All persons purchasing bulk water must, upon opening of an account, deposit a minimum amount of $100.00.  When water is supplied during any month, a minimum charge of $15.00 per month shall apply. 

The Bulk Water rates are as follows:

BULK WATER CHARGES - 2012 to 2014

January 1, 2012 - $6.00 per c/m
January 1, 2013 - $6.50 per c/m
March 1, 2014 - $7.50 per c/m


Penalties for offenses

  1. For the first offense and upon summary conviction to a fine of not less that One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars and not more than Two Thousand, Five Hundered ($2500.00) Dollars and in default of payment judgement.
  2. For the second offence within one (1) year period from the first offense and upon Summary Conviction to fine of not less than Two Thousand (2,000.00) Dollars and not more than THree THousand Five Hundered ($3,500.00) Dollars and in default of payment, judgement,
  3. For the third offense, within a one (1) year period from the first offence, and upon Summary Conviction to a finr of not less than Three Thousand ($3,000.00) Dollars and not more than Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars and in default of payment, judgement.

For futher information on this bylaw or any other offenses pertaining to this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw 2113 - Bulk Water Bylaw

Business License Bylaw

A valid Business License is required to operate a business within the Town of Edson (whether in a residential or commercial area).  The Business License Bylaw provides for the licensing, controlling and regulating of businesses within the Town.  Applications for new or renewed licenses may be made in writing to the Licensing Officer at the Town Office.  At the discretion of the Licensing Officer approvals may be required from the Development Officer, Fire Chief, Medical Officer of Health, Municipal Planning Commission and R.C.M.P. prior to the issuance of a License. Annual License fees can be found on our Fee Schedule Page.

  For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw No.2030 - Business License Bylaw

You can also download the new Business License Application Form

Cemetery Bylaw

The Cemetery Bylaw regulates and controls the operation of the Edson Glenwood Cemetery. The Town of Edson is responsible for the selling of burial and cremation plots, keeping the required records and the supervision of maintenance and construction.

The cost of purchasing a burial plot for residents is $315 (incl. GST). The cost for non-residents is $462.00 (incl. GST). Opening and closing charges must also be paid to the Town of Edson. If desired, a plot may be purchased and held in reserve. There is also a columbarium located within the Cemetery; plots are $1050 (incl. GST) each and include the first opening and closing along with the plaque and all engravings.

Monuments cannot be installed without first obtaining a permit from the Town Office. Installation must meet specified regulations. No shrubs, trees or flowers may be planted in any part of the Cemetery other than those planted by the caretaker. All inquiries should be directed to the Department of Engineering and Planning at 723-4402.

Check out cemetery lot informaiton by visiting our Web Map


  1. Single Depth, having 1 single depth burial with up to 4 Cremains
    permitted to be placed on top of the burial
  2. Double Depth, having 2 burials placed on top of each other with up to
    4 Cremains permitted on top of the last burial
  3. Family Cremation Burial Plot, having up to 6 Cremains only, permitted to
    be placed in the plot.
  4. Columbarium Niche, having 2 Cremains only, permitted to be placed
    within. (each niche is 12 x 12 x 15 inches)


Resident………… Burial Plot Purchase Price $ 315.00
Non-Resident…… Burial Plot Purchase Price $ 462.00
Veteran….... Burial Plot Purchase in Veteran Section............ NIL Cost

Columbarium ...................................Purchase Price $1050.00
(includes the first opening and closing as well as the niche plate wreath and all engravings)

"A Resident is anyone whose property taxes go to the Town; anyone else is a non-resident. "


The cost of the opening and closing derives from the day of the burial.
If the day of burial is on a Monday through Friday ( 8am - 4pm), the Opening & Closing fee is $ 420.00 (Including GST)
If the day of burial is on a Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, or after 4 pm Mon. - Fri., the Opening & Closing fee is $ 472.50 (Including GST)
The Opening & Closing fee for Cremains is $105.00 (Including GST)
Regarding REFUNDS- See Section 6(4) & (5) Internment, of Cemetery Bylaw.

For more information on this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw No. 1897 - Cemetery Bylaw

Curfew Bylaw

This bylaw was passed to regulate the time after which children shall not be in a public place at night without proper guardianship or a legitimate reason.  It also helps assist parents and legal guardians in exercising authority over their children and safe from harm.  This bylaw aids in preserving our community quality of life, which emphasizes individual safety and well being along with protection of the use of public and private property.

Key elements of this bylaw are the following:

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below.

Bylaw No. 1884 - Curfew Bylaw

False Alarm Bylaw

The purpose of this Bylaw is to assist in the reduction of False Alarms requiring a Police response within the Town of Edson.  The Town of Edson and the Edson RCMP detachment ask that all businesses and residents maintain their alarm systems to reduce the number of false alarm calls.  False alarm calls  also pertain to 911 calls.  Please do not hang up if you have accidently called 911.  Instead notify the operator of your mistake.  Every 911 hangup must be treated with urgency and be investigated to ensure there is no actual emergency.  False alarms calls can be costly and potentially dangerous as it can take manpower away from an actual emergency call.

The fine for a Police response to a False Alarm where in any twelve month period has generated more than one false alarm, without reasonable effort to ensure it is not a false alarm is $200.00 per response.

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw No. 2104 - False Alarm Bylaw

Fire Bylaw

An updated Fire Bylaw was passed on June 16, 2015. Some of the major changes include;


The bylaw allows for the Fire Chief’s discretion regarding distances from property lines, combustible materials, etc in cases where a fire pit would cause no issues.

There will also be a grace period for recreational fire pit fees, effective until December 31, 2015. Permits will still be required, but no fees will be charged until 2016.

Bylaw No.2119 - Fire Bylaw

Fire Permit Application Form

Noise Bylaw

The Bylaw regulates the following:

  1. The loading or unloading of motor vehicles in a residential district between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am on weekdays, 11 pm and 9 am on weekends and holidays.
  2. Radio and stereo equipment operated in such a manner that the public peace is disturbed.
    Construction noises such as hammering, sawing or the use of machines or tools creating noise between 11 pm and 7 am on weekdays, 11 pm and 9 am on weekends and holidays.
  3. If these regulations are difficult or impractical to meet, application may be made to the Town Manager requesting an exemption. During office hours, all inquiries and complaints should be directed to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 780-723-3178.  After hours, complaints should be directed to the R.C.M.P. at 780-723-8822 or 780-723-8800.

    For a complete review of this bylaw including fine amounts please reference the link below:

 Bylaw No.1614 - Noise Bylaw

Nuisance & Noxious Weeds Bylaw

Town of Edson Nuisance Bylaw is designed in the public interest to prevent the continuance of conditions which may constitute a nuisance.  Some of the nuisances may consist of:

1.  dandelions, noxious weeds or plants
2.  repair or demolition of dwellings if required
3.  cutting of grass or pruning of trees if required
4.  allowing the emission of opaque or dense smoke
5.  clutter or litter creating an unsightly condition

Council or the Bylaw Enforcement Officer may declare that a condition on premises constitutes a nuisance and may require the owner or occupier to:

a.   remove litter/debris
b.   construct a fence or similar structure to prevent premises from being viewed by public
c.   remedy the condition in such other manner as directed
d.  take reasonable measures to make the portion of sidewalk abutting their property safe for pedestrians within forty-eight hours after the end of a rainfall or snowfall. 

If the owner fails or refuses to comply, Council may cause such work to be done and charge those costs to the owner. Also, the owner or tenant of public/private property within the Town, is responsible for the cutting of grass on a boulevard ditch and alley/back lane which abuts or flanks the property.  A new section of this Bylaw requires all residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 48 hours of the last rain or snowfall. 

If you're a senior citizen, disabled or a non-profit organization and find it difficult to clean your sidewalks, contact Community Services at 780-723-4403 for assistance.

The Town of Edson designed this Bylaw to control noxious (harmful) weeds in residential neighborhoods.  Every owner or occupant is responsible to destroy all noxious weeds and, in not doing so, shall be guilty of an offense.

Noxious weeds include the following:

- Russian Knapweed
- Field Bindweed
- Blueweed
- White Cockle
- Bladder Campion
- Tall Buttercup
- Field Scabious
- Cleavers
- Hoary Cress
- Knawel
- Hound's Tounge
- Cypress Spurge
- Leafy Spurge
- Toadflax
- Oxeye Daisy

If an owner of a property fails to destroy all noxious weeds,  the Town appointed Weed Inspector may order this work done and all costs of the work will be charged against the property to be collected in the same manner as taxes. An inspector has the right to enter on any land to inspect noxious weeds.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw 1976 - Nuisance Bylaw

Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw

This Bylaw establishes the guidelines to control and regulate the operation of Off-Highway Vehicles within corporate limits of the Town of Edson and within public recreation areas administered by the Town.  Under this Bylaw, no persons shall operate, or shall be in the care and control of an off-highway vehicle on any park land or public place, or on any lands owned or controlled by the Town of Edson.

Off-highway vehicles include:
Four-wheel drive or low pressure tire vehicles (quads), dirt bikes and related 2-wheel vehicles, amphibious machines, all terrain vehicles (trikes), miniature motor vehicles, snowmobiles, mini bikes and any other means of transportation which is propelled by any power other than muscular power, wind or gravity.

Fines for violations of this Bylaw are:
First offense:                                    $ 500.00
Second and all following offenses:       $1,000.00

Complaints should be directed to the R.C.M.P. at (780)723-8822 or (780)723-8800, and to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer during business hours at (780)723-3178.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw No. 1790 - Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw

Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw

The Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw is now in effect. 

Under the new bylaw, the installation of an outdoor wood or solid fuel burning appliance within the Town of Edson is prohibited. The operation of such appliances within the Town is also prohibited.

The bylaw also gives inspectors authorization to enter at all reasonable times and in a reasonable manner on property to determine whether the requirements of this bylaw are being observed.

A person who is guilty of an offence is liable to a fine not less than $300.00.


For a complete review of this bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw 2154 (Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw)

Regulate Conduct in Public Places Bylaw (Bullying Bylaw)

This Bylaw was passed to discourage Bullying and Fighting in public places within the Town of Edson.  Some facts about this bylaw are the following:

No person shall:

Any person that contravenes any provision of this Bylaw is guilty of an offense punishable on summary conviction and liable for a fine up to:

For a complete review of the Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw 2084 - Regulate Conduct in Public Place (Bully Bylaw)

For more information about Bullying and to access the Edson Bully Free Website please reference the link below:

Smoke Free Town Facilities Bylaw

This Bylaw states that all Town of Edson buildings and vehicles are smoke-free, except in designated areas.  Town buildings designated as smoke free are the Civic Centre (Town Office), Firehall, Public Works Building, Leisure Centre, All Water and Sewer Utility Buildings, Griffiths Park Centre, Recycling Building, Airport Terminal and the Family Centre.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 1906 - Smoke Free Town Facilities Bylaw

 To review the Provinvce of Alberta Tobacco Reduction Act please reference the link below:

Traffic Bylaw

This Bylaw Provides for regulation of vehicle, animal and pedestrian traffic within the Town.  Some main regulations that apply throughout the Town that citizens should be aware of are the following:

Parking is not permitted:
in lanes (back alleys) unless for brief loading or unloading purposes
   - on land owned by the Town of Edson, unless signs are posted allowing to do so.
   - of any unattached holiday trailers, boats or mobile units including off road vehicle trailers or horse trailers on any street

Tractor-trailer units are not permitted to park off of any truck route within the Town of Edson.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 1807 - Traffic Bylaw


Waste Management Bylaw

A maximum of two bags or containers of garbage are picked up each week from residences.  Each bag or container in excess of two will require the purchase of a tag from the Town Office at 605 50th street. The cost for each tag is $2.00.

    Maximum bag size:   30" x 36"
    Maximum garbage can size:    80 litres
    Maximum weight of any container:   40 lbs


Items such as lawn clippings, garden waste, paper products, newsprint and cardboard are excluded from residential pickup and from the Landfill.  These items must be delivered to the Recycling Depot.  The Recycling Depot is located at 5237 - 1 Avenue.

Residential Disposal Fees (cash) at the Landfill Site are:

-Wet Waste (Residential Garbage) - $0.10 per kg
-Fridges and Like Products - $20.00 per unit
-All Other White Metals - $7.00 per unit
-Oversize Tires - $10.00 per tonne
-Leaves, Branches, Trees and Stumps
     **Over 250kg - $10.00 per tonne
     **Under 250kg - No Change
-Minimum Charge - $2.00

For more information please call the Landfill at 780-723-6476


The Edson and District Recycling Depot (accepts most recyclables including used oil)
5237 - 1 Avenue

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw 1858 - Waste Management Bylaw


Water and Sewer Services Bylaw

This Bylaw is pertaining to the water and sewer services within the Town of Edson.

The Utility Bills are issued every month.  In the event that such utility bill remains unpaid 15 days following the mailing date, there shall be a penalty issued.

The utility rates as of January 2016 are as follows:


      Admin Service Charge every month           $6.63
      Rate per cubic metre                                 $1.09

      Admin Service Charge every month                $6.62
      Rate per cubic metre                                      $0.76              


        Admin Service Charge every two months     $6.63
        Rate per cubic metre                                  $1.09

        Admin Service Charge every two months         $6.62
        Rate per cubic metre                                      $0.76              


The service charge for all persons being the owner of a property served by sewer connection
only, and has no meter installed, shall be charged $18.50/month.


 The penalty charge for a utility bill remaining unpaid 15 days following the mailing date shall be 2.5 percent of the then unpaid current utility bill.                              

$200.00 per hour

METER CHARGES – to be charged out at current industry standard rates

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 2114 - Water and Sewer Services Bylaw