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Numerous bylaws get passed over the course of the year. In some cases extra advertising and/or feedback will be required. In these cases the bylaw will be advertised in the media and posted here for further review.

Mandatory Facial Covering Bylaw

Edson Mandatory Facial Covering Bylaw Passed but NOT Enacted

Edson Town Council has given three readings to Bylaw 2250, the Mandatory Facial Covering Bylaw. However, the bylaw only comes into effect if certain thresholds are met. Those benchmarks include:

If those triggers are reached, it would move Edson into the Medium Risk category of the bylaw and facial coverings would become mandatory. Other measures would also be reviewed at that time.

There are a number of exemptions listed in the bylaw, including:

Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara says Council is taking a proactive approach to mandatory masking by having the bylaw in place and ready to go. “This is a move to ensure we’re ready in the event of a substantial outbreak in the Edson area.  If we are physically distancing, sanitizing our hands, and staying home if sick, the chances of spread are significantly reduced.  Let’s continue those efforts so we don’t hit the thresholds outlined in the bylaw.”

The bylaw carries a potential fine of $100 for a first offence and $200 for subsequent offences. However, the main goal will be education at the start of any program. The full bylaw can be reviewed below.

Currently, the Town of Edson is following the Province in strongly recommending the use of face coverings where social distancing cannot be maintained.

More information on the proper use of masks, visit

NEW Bylaw 2249 - Non-residential Property Taxation Incentive Program

At the August 18th, 2020 Town council meeting, All three readings of the Non-Residential Property Tax Incentive Program Bylaw were passed, repealing the previous version. The purpose of the incentive is to encourage new development and redevelopment of non-residential properties within the Town and to encourage economic growth.

This program is for new development, additions, renovations, or expansions (permanent), with the assessed value being greater than or equal to a 25% increase over the previous assessment. The tax exemption would apply to increase in assessment only.

The period of tax exemption is five (5) years pro-rated as follows:

The full bylaw will be uploaded soon.

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