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New and Proposed Bylaws

Numerous bylaws get passed over the course of the year. In some cases extra advertising and/or feedback will be required. In these cases the bylaw will be advertised in the media and posted here for further review.

Proposed Bylaw No. 2227 - Road Closure

Pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Government Act NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of Council’s intention to pass a Bylaw to close the portion of road and create title for the purpose of sale of that portion to the adjacent property owner(s).

To close that the portion of registered roadway located at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue which backs onto the greenbelt and Poplar Creek.

Plan 4200 MC
Block 151
All of the lane within Block 151
Excepting thereout all mines and minerals

Copies of the Bylaw may be inspected by the public from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday to Friday, at the Edson Civic Building (605—50th Street).  Any person(s) who claim that their land will be injuriously affected by the passing of said Bylaw is requested to file their claim or petition with the Planning & Development Manager, on or before April  2, 2018. 

A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday,  April 2, 2018  at 5:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers of the Edson Civic Building, (605—50th Street), at which time Council will hear representations from any person, or group of persons, or persons acting on their behalf, who claim to be affected by the proposed bylaw.

Ann Dechambeau
Acting Planning Manager
Town of Edson
P.O. Box 6300,
Edson, AB T7E 1T7

Phone:  (780) 723-4402
Fax:  (780) 723-3508


Frequently Requested Bylaws / Policies

Our most frequently requested bylaws are listed below for quick access.  If you are searching for a bylaw that is not listed, please visit our Bylaws and Policies Centre or contact the Town Office at (780) 723-4401.

Our Planning and Offsite Levy Policies can also be found in the Bylaws and Policies Centre

Animal Control Bylaw

The Animal Control Bylaw is a Bylaw to license and regulate dogs, and to regulate and control other animals within the Town of Edson.
For a complete review of this bylaw, please reference the link below:

Animal Control Bylaw

Dog License Application Form

Bulk Water Bylaw

This Bylaw pertains to Bulk Water Services within the Town of Edson.

For futher information on this bylaw or any other offenses pertaining to this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw 2113 - Bulk Water Bylaw

Business License Bylaw

A valid Business License is required to operate a business within the Town of Edson (whether in a residential or commercial area).  The Business License Bylaw provides for the licensing, controlling and regulating of businesses within the Town. 

Applications for new or renewed licenses may be made in writing to the Licensing Officer at the Town Office.  At the discretion of the Licensing Officer approvals may be required from the Development Officer, Fire Chief, Medical Officer of Health, Municipal Planning Commission and R.C.M.P. prior to the issuance of a License.

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw No.2030 - Business License Bylaw

You can also download the Business License Application Form

Cannabis Bylaws

Edson Town Council passed all three readings of the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw on October 2nd, 2018. This bylaw bans the consumption of cannabis in all public spaces and outlines related fines.

The Cannabis Framework for changes to the Land Use Bylaw has also been approved. Below is information on the changes and related maps. The significant changes from the original draft bylaw are the removal of setbacks from government buildings, other cannabis related stores, and drinking establishments. They’ve also removed cannabis lounges from the framework to allow for Federal rules and guidelines on lounges and edibles to be established first.

Cemetery Bylaw

The Cemetery Bylaw regulates and controls the operation of the Edson Glenwood Cemetery. The Town of Edson is responsible for the selling of burial and cremation plots, keeping the required records and the supervision of maintenance and construction.

For more information on this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw No. 1897 - Cemetery Bylaw

Community Standards Bylaw

This bylaw pertains to all Community Standards issues, such as:

Bylaw 2218 - Community Standards Bylaw

False Alarm Bylaw

The purpose of this Bylaw is to assist in the reduction of False Alarms requiring a Police response within the Town of Edson.  The Town of Edson and the Edson RCMP detachment ask that all businesses and residents maintain their alarm systems to reduce the number of false alarm calls.  False alarm calls  also pertain to 911 calls.  Please do not hang up if you have accidently called 911.  Instead notify the operator of your mistake.  Every 911 hangup must be treated with urgency and be investigated to ensure there is no actual emergency.  False alarms calls can be costly and potentially dangerous as it can take manpower away from an actual emergency call.

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw No. 2104 - False Alarm Bylaw

Fees, Rates, and Charges Bylaw

This Bylaw contains the fees, rates, and charges relating to most Town of Edson Services and Bylaws.

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 2214 - Fees, Rates, and Charges Bylaw

Fire Bylaw

The Fire Bylaw specifies that the Town of Edson will provide Fire Protection and Emergency Services within the municipality, as well as set out rules and regulations for fire pits in Town limits. Permits are required for all recreational fire pits in the Town of Edson.

For more details pleasefollow the link below. 

Bylaw No.2119 - Fire Bylaw

Fire Permit Application Form

Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw

This Bylaw establishes the guidelines to control and regulate the operation of Off-Highway Vehicles within corporate limits of the Town of Edson and within public recreation areas administered by the Town.  Under this Bylaw, no persons shall operate, or shall be in the care and control of an off-highway vehicle on any park land or public place, or on any lands owned or controlled by the Town of Edson.

Complaints should be directed to the R.C.M.P. at (780)723-8822 or (780)723-8800, and to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer during business hours at (780)723-3178.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw No. 1790 - Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw

Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw

Under the Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw, the installation of an outdoor wood or solid fuel burning appliance within the Town of Edson is prohibited. The operation of such appliances within the Town is also prohibited.

The bylaw also gives inspectors authorization to enter at all reasonable times and in a reasonable manner on property to determine whether the requirements of this bylaw are being observed.

For a complete review of this bylaw, please reference the link below:

Bylaw 2154 (Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw)

Public Conduct Bylaw

This bylaw deals with Public Conduct issues, such as:

Bylaw 2219 - Public Conduct Bylaw

Smoke Free Town Facilities Bylaw

This Bylaw states that all Town of Edson buildings and vehicles are smoke-free, except in designated areas.  Town buildings designated as smoke free are the Civic Centre (Town Office), Firehall, Public Works Building, Leisure Centre, All Water and Sewer Utility Buildings, Griffiths Park Centre, Recycling Building, Airport Terminal and the Family Centre.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 1906 - Smoke Free Town Facilities Bylaw

 To review the Province of Alberta Tobacco Reduction Act please reference the link below:

Traffic Bylaw

This Bylaw Provides for regulation of vehicle, animal and pedestrian traffic within the Town.

For a complete review of this Bylaw, please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 1807 - Traffic Bylaw


Waste Management Bylaw

This bylaw will outline the rules and regulations regarding the waste collection system in the Town of Edson.

For more information on the Landfill please visit or call 780-723-6476.

Details on the Recycling Depot can be found at

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

Bylaw 2217 - Waste Management Bylaw


Water and Sewer Services Bylaw

This Bylaw is pertaining to the water and sewer services within the Town of Edson.

For a complete review of this Bylaw please reference the link below:

 Bylaw 2114 - Water and Sewer Services Bylaw