School/Playground Zone Changes

There are some changes to the school and playground zones in the Town of Edson.

All school zones are becoming playground zones across the Town of Edson. As well, all playground zone times have been adjusted to 7:30 am to 9:00 pm daily.

As the new signage is placed, and through the month of August, the focus will be on education on the new zones and playground zone times. Please adhere to the new zones as they will be fully enforced as the new school year begins.


At their January 11th meeting, Council gave all three readings to Bylaw 2273, amending the Edson Traffic Bylaw. The amendment harmonizes all school and playground zones to playground zones only. The CAO has been authorized to designate these zones and a review was conducted to ensure the zones fit the current pedestrian traffic patterns. As mentioned above, the times for all playground zones within the Town of Edson are now 7:30 am to 9:00 pm daily.

These adjustments come after a thorough review of all school and playground zones in 2020/2021. During the review it became evident that many zones were inconsistent and many school zones contained playgrounds that were used more than just during school hours.

It’s hoped these changes will provide greater clarity and consistency to drivers and increase safety in potential hazard areas when school is not in session. This could include organized events and general use of playgrounds and sports fields after school hours. Safety is paramount, especially in the winter when the sun sets well before 5:00 pm.

The list of changes can be viewed below.

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Phase 1

Zones 1-5 are specific to the harmonization project (replacing school zones).

Target completion date of September 1, 2022.

Phase 2

Zones 6-10 include additional zones as requested by Council, RCMP, and Administration.

Target completion date of early fall.

Phase 3

Zones 11-13 are existing zones which require signage upgrades.

Target completion date of mid-late fall.