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Current Projects

*This is a list of some of the major projects underway in the Town of Edson. It may not include all of the smaller projects or day to day/short term projects that are currently underway.

For more details on approved capital projects and funding, see our full budget details at

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Assessments were required throughout Edson following the substantial flood event this summer to determine how much damage occurred. On June 29th assessments were completed by ISL Engineering with recommendations including upgrading the culverts at 6th avenue.

The report was reviewed by staff and the came to Council requesting funding and approval on July 18th. You can watch the discussion here:

As per the engineering report, the flooding in the community occurred after ground was saturated from previous rains and allowed for little ground absorption. The water ran off, overwhelming streams and storm infrastructure.

Some repairs required include 6th Avenue, the sink hole on 2nd Avenue and other related infrastructure damage.

The 6th avenue repair is large in nature and requires the Town to follow a tendering process under Provincial/Federal Trade regulations. Information on this project can be found below.

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6th Avenue repair work is underway.
The work includes replacement and upsizing the culverts under 6th Avenue (east of 48th Street), repair /replacement of any damaged underground infrastructure, rebuilding the damaged portion of 6th Avenue, and installing new pavement and sidewalks.
ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. has been awarded the Design and Construction Management for the project. Construction of this project is being done by Kaon Infrastructure Ltd.
Work on the project is now underway with an anticipated completion date of September 30th (weather permitting).

UPDATE September 29, 2023

Most of the culvert pipes have been assembled and laid in the ground. We are currently backfilling and compacting the granular around the culverts. The scope of work for this project has expanded to include a replacement of 56 meters of leaking Sanitary Sewer line and one manhole that is in a poor condition. The anticipated completion date of the project after the new scope is October 15th, 2023 (Weather Pending).

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48th street will be closed off from 18th Avenue to Edson Drive on Thursday, September 28th, for the removal of the pedestrian bridge.
Please use alternate routes during that time and drive with caution in the area.


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Our contractor for sidewalk repairs will be starting work September 21st, 2023.

They will be cutting and removing sidewalk pieces and preparing areas for re-pours.

Please avoid these areas until the repairs are complete and the sidewalks have set.

Council has approved funding for a project to replace the underground infrastructure under 18th Avenue between 48 St and 50 St. The water pipes and sanitary pipes were installed in the late 1950’s and camera inspections have determined the Sanitary Pipe is in very poor condition and needs to be replaced.

The project will be a full rehab which includes a new road surface, improvements to storm drainage, curb and sidewalk replacement within the project area. WSP has been awarded the Design and Construction Management for the project and will be in the area completing survey work. The plan was to have this project completed before the end the 2023 construction season therefore, the project tender was posted for bidding on July 19, 2023 and the bidding closing date was August 1, 2023. The Town did not receive any bids and the project is deferred to 2024.

Once a contractor is awarded the work, engagement with residents within the project area will occur to share project details including but not limited to property access, accommodations and schedule.

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From August 10, 2023, to approximately August 18, the Town of Edson Public Works will be performing road maintenance on 1st Avenue (48th Street to 50th Street). The primary scope of work will be the removal of all existing asphalt, repairing potholes, and re-gravelling. The affected roadways will be available for local traffic only, please expect delays and temporary closures during this period.


Update August 30, 2023

This project is now complete!

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New Crack Seal Unit
The new Crack Seal Unit unit is making its way through Edson. This is a new piece of equipment to our transportation department after Council increased the budget for road maintenance and repair. It is used to seal the smaller cracks on the road to stop water penetration. This unit will be used in addition to the Spray Patcher that is used for larger cracks.

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New pedestrian crosswalk lights have been installed at 4th Avenue and 46th street. This project consists of a flashing crosswalk sign mounted on a cantilever style pole, side mounted flashing indicator signals, and pedestrian push buttons and crosswalk signage on both sides of roadway.

 Update August 4th, 2023

The north pedestrian light is working but the south signals are still malfunctioning. A new signal system has been ordered and will be installed upon delivery. The signals will be wrapped out of order until they repaired, please be cautious crossing 2nd Ave (Hwy 16) and 46 St intersection.

Budget - Approximately $150,000.

Timeline - Project is now complete!


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Subject to change *Parking lot removed

The project will include rebuilding 5 diamonds at the northeast end of Vision Park, which includes:

  • Landscaping to improve drainage in the lower areas of Vision Park.
  • Construction of two 300-foot diamonds suitable for Slo-Pitch and Baseball.
  • Rebuilding of three diamonds to level the landscape, improve drainage, and upgrade fencing.

Once this work is complete, Vision Park will have 16 operational diamonds, which more than accommodates the needs of Edson Mixed Slo-Pitch and Edson Minor Ball. A park of this size will also attract ball tournaments to the community.

Budget - $1,922,240

Timeline - Work started on September 19, 2022 and is anticipated to continue until August 2023. Grass seed takes a minimum of two full years to grow and establish itself so we anticipate the new ball diamonds will not be operational until the spring 2025.


In 2019 Trans Mountain Pipeline started work installing their new pipeline directly through Vision Park.

Eight of our softball diamonds at Vision Park were either fully or partially located on the Trans Mountain right of away. The work done by Trans Mountain Pipeline resulted in the removal of the playground, 72 full-grown spruce and poplar trees, six ball diamonds, and partially impacted two other diamonds.

Trans Mountain must return all sites on their right of way to their original condition after the excavation and construction, however, Trans Mountain and the Town of Edson jointly identified that it might be in the Town’s best interest to rebuild the affected ball diamonds and other structures rather than Trans Mountain. The Town of Edson rebuilding the diamonds (with financial contributions from Trans Mountain) would ensure the Town of Edson could rebuild them in alignment with the new Vision Park Revitalization Plan.

The Town of Edson Parks Department worked with EDS Group to build a revitalization plan for Vision Park in June 2020. A draft plan was presented to Council on October 27, 2020. The plan included a phased approach, with phase one being rebuilding the diamonds removed by Trans Mountain. Unfortunately, tenders came in far over budget and the plan was scaled back in consultation with user groups.

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Conceptual Drawing

Project is to install a new water treatment plant (WTP) and public use facility at Vision Park.

In 2020, the Town undertook facility design at Vision Park to make use of an existing licensed water well that requires treatment to meet potable water quality standards. The Vision Park Water Treatment Plant design includes a process area and a separated area with washrooms and meeting space for use by the public within the park.

Budget - $2,274,660

More details can be found in the agenda from the May 25th, 2021 Committee of the Whole Meeting and the June 1st, 2021 Council Meeting.

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A new facility has replaced the old outdoor arena structure in Glenwood Park and provide year-round recreational opportunities for residents. The structure is a cement base which lowers the staff resource implication in the winter as the arena will be much easier to flood. It may also allow earlier flooding of the ice surface, potentially leading to a longer winter skating season.

Considering that the facility will now provide year-round recreational opportunities, such as basketball and pickle ball in the summer months, greater usage of the park is anticipated.

Budget - $435,000 (75% grant funded)

Timeline - Project is complete and the new facility is ready for use!

More details can be found in the agenda from the March 15th, 2022 Council Meeting.

Upcoming Projects

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The Edson & District Public Library is undergoing a renovation! The new renovation will make the library an accessible and inclusive facility, add community requested spaces, extend capacity, make it energy efficient, include a welcoming engaging design and address safety issues and facility maintenance.

We'll update plans here as the process moves forward.

On June 29, 2023, Council approved an increase in the Capital Budget for the Library Renovation and Expansion project from $3,000,000 to $3,700,000 with increased town funding of $616,600 to be funded from the Future Civic/Cultural Facility Reserve.

The project funding breakdown is expected to be as follows:

  • Town of Edson - $2,078,600
  • Yellowhead County - $538,000
  • Province - $1,000,000 (CFEP program grant)
  • Library Board - $83,400 (reserves)

Library Expansion Project Presentation - March 23, 2023


NEW TEMPORARY LOCATION ANNOUNCED at 5016 4th Avenue. See the release at

Project includes upgrades on Wase Creek on 1st avenue between Highway 16 overpass and 48th Street to mitigate flooding and drainage issues.

Budget - 90% grant funded. More details to come.

Timeline - Design activities are started and a land agent is currently working on the file to secure rights of access for geotechnical investigations and future work plans.

Long Term Projects

The Town of Edson and Yellowhead County are embarking on a historic joint project.

Following many years of public input and facility studies, our communities have come together to start work on a new Multi-Use Recreational Facility.

After initial plans for the Hillendale site came in over budget, the project team was tasked with looking at alternatives which can achieve similar results, but within the approved $70 million budget.

Work is now underway on a condition assessment for major building components and complete a conceptual design and cost estimate at the current site of the Edson and District Leisure Centre. The updated plan is expected to be complete by December 2022.

More details can be found at