Current Opportunities


Community Development Supervisor - Permanent, Full-Time

The Town of Edson is seeking a competent, effective, and highly engaged leader to fulfill the role of Community Development Supervisor. The successful candidate will fulfill indispensable functions for the Town of Edson, including: Supervising the Town’s Community Development Coordinators in their responsibilities, identifying and implementing community development opportunities which enhance preventative social community experiences, representing Edson FCSS at the local, regional, and provincial levels, and much more.

Position will be open until filled.


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The Edson Culture

Are you a fit for the Town of Edson?

If your professional values and disposition don’t match our cultural imperatives and we hire you anyway, we would be setting both you and our organization up for disappointment. Your skills, abilities, education and experience – as important as those things are – won’t make you successful here if our work cultures don’t match.

What’s OUR culture type?

We’re building a culture driven by:

  • Open Dialogue
    We want a culture where the phrase “can I ask a stupid question?” isn’t a stupid question at all, where “there must be some way we can do this better” ALWAYS trumps “this is the way we’ve always done it”.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making
    We are propelled by data and can often be found saying “prove it”. Everything we do needs to be grounded fact.
  • Team Thinking
    Individuals don’t win championships, teams do. Anyone who wants to work for the Town of Edson must put the Organization and the residents it serves before departmental considerations and personal ambitions.
  • A Marathon Mentality
    Meaningful change happens over time. Employees must have patience for the long-game.
  • Risk Tolerance
    If we want to be the most effective municipality in Alberta (and we do), a healthy appetite for mitigated and carefully measured risk is essential to our team character. We strive to do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Have we achieved all of this? Nope, but we’re getting there, and we’re on the same page. This is what we want.

What’s YOUR culture type?

If you are to be successful with the Town of Edson, you must be comfortable with discomfort, with asking and answering challenging questions, with rethinking processes, procedures, and even your own point of view, each and every week. You must have a healthy distrust for easy answers, a keen eye for team wins and a consistent bias for action.