Surveys & Contests

Public Feedback is important to the Town of Edson Council and Administration. Periodic surveys will help us get a better understanding of the needs and wants of our community.

Click on any of the active surveys/contests below to participate in helping shape our town’s future.

Edson Housing and Service Needs Estimation

This survey is meant to be filled out by anyone who lives in Edson and Area.

This survey was created to help our community gain a better understanding of the needs of our residents and the services required to improve and enhance community well-being.

Your answers will help us identify the type of services that are currently being accessed and which ones are currently seeing the most use, as well as what needs in the community aren’t being met. Your answers will help articulate the importance of regional housing and service expansion, apply for funding to support housing needs, influence service and program development, and inform housing and service policies and practices in the region.

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