2013 Edson Municipal Election Judicial Review Official Results - Vote data included

Edson, Alberta, November 26th, 2013 – Following the October 21st Municipal Election and official recount, a judicial recount was requested. On November 22nd, 2013 a Judge performed an official review of the spoiled and rejected ballots from that election. Judges have the power to overrule the Returning Officer based on their interpretation of the Local Authorities Election Act and the perceived voter’s intent. The results of the judicial review are as follows.

Jim Gomuwka – 731*
Troy Sorensen – 730
John Walker – 729

Ballots that lack the initial of Deputy – 4
Ballots with more votes than allowed – 3
Ballots on which anything is written or marked by which an elector can be identified – 1
Ballots that have been torn, defaced, or otherwise dealt with, with the result than an elector could be identified – 1
Ballots rejected as unmarked or void – 9

*Following the judicial ruling on the spoiled and rejected ballots it was determined there was a tie between Jim Gomuwka and Troy Sorensen (730) A draw was held for the final Council seat as per the Local Authorities Election Act, this time with Jim Gomuwka and Troy Sorensen in the running. Jim Gomuwka’s name was drawn and therefore is declared elected with one extra vote and John Walker is removed from Council.