2017 Operating and Capital Budgets

Edson, Alberta, December 16th, 2016 – Council has approved the 2017 Capital and Operating Budgets as presented. The Budget uses a proposed 0% municipal tax increase. This means the amount of taxes collected by the Town for municipal purposes will remain the same as 2016, however, the actual taxes levied on an individual property will be dependent on their property assessment.

For the 2017 Capital budget, we have the annual Equipment Replacement, Bridges and Culverts, Well Exploration and Park Trails projects. There is also an allowance for the 2017 Road Rehab Program. Some ongoing projects from 2016 are listed, including the park for Hillendale subdivision, the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and a minor administrative project for the west end sewer line. There are some new projects being presented at this time. There is an addition of a training structure for the Edson Fire Department, New breathing apparatus sets for the EFD, and a revamp of the Entrance signs to match the new branding.

A budget recap is available on our website at www.edson.ca/departments/finance-administration.