COVID-19 Update (Case Update)

COVID-19 Update (Case Update)

Posted on January 14th, 2022

Jan 14, 2022 (Updated to the end of day Jan 13) - 68 Active Cases (5 new, 3 recovered) *PCR testing is only being done for those with clinical risk factors for severe outcomes and those who live and work in high-risk settings. This does not include those that test positive on a rapid test.

The Edson Zone (Central Yellowhead County) is listed as having 68 active cases, 1289 recovered, and 18 deaths. There has been a total of 1375 cases to date for this local geographic area.

Regionally, as we are under 10,000 in population, the Town of Edson falls under Yellowhead County. The Yellowhead County municipal zone has 85 active cases, 1530 recovered, and 31 deaths.

Overall, the Province saw 6,163 cases on 16,541 tests (37.88% - North Zone 30.17%). There are currently 64,129 active cases in Alberta, 822 hospitalizations (+36) with 81 in ICU (+2) and 3,380 deaths (+5).

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The Restriction Exemption Program (REP) is in place at Repsol Place. Please note that the REP moved to full vaccination only (14 days from second dose) starting October 25th. Vaccination records with QR codes are required.

There have been a number of changes to restrictions/testing/isolation requirements. Full details and REP information can be found at


Early Childhood Services to Grade 12 students returned to in-person learning on January 10 with measures in place to help them continue learning in a safe environment.

At-home rapid tests and medical-grade masks will be distributed through schools to lower the risk of transmission and increase the safety of students.


Edson is below the Provincial average for vaccinations. Everyone aged 5+ can get their first and second doses now (and eligible 3rd doses for 18+). Book your appointment at


For more information on the Town of Edson’s response please visit our website at

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