COVID-19 Update (Case Update and Stage 3 Info)

COVID-19 Update (Case Update and Stage 3 Info)

Posted on July 23rd, 2021

July 23, 2021 (Updated to the end of day July 22) - 5 Active Cases (no change)

The Edson Zone (Central Yellowhead County) is listed as having 5 active cases, 421 recovered, and 5 deaths. There has been a total of 431 cases to date for this local geographic area.

Regionally, as we are under 10,000 in population, the Town of Edson falls under Yellowhead County. The Yellowhead County municipal zone has 5 active cases, 495 recovered, and 9 deaths.

Overall, the Province saw 98 new cases on 7,609 tests. There are currently 799 active cases in Alberta, 84 (-9) hospitalizations with 26 in ICU (no change) and 2,322 deaths (+2).


Aside from limited masking requirements (see below), all other public health measures have been lifted. This includes all restrictions on:

  • social gatherings – there are no longer capacity limits on either indoor or outdoor gatherings
  • recreation, performance and entertainment activities
  • business closures and capacity restrictions
  • large events, including concerts, sporting events, exhibitions and festivals

For more details, visit:

Mask use in public indoor settings is no longer required except for some specific situations:

  • working in or visiting any continuing care facility, as well as any facility operated by AHS, Covenant or their contracted service providers
  • using public transit, including ride share vehicles, taxis, motor coaches and shuttles

Businesses are free to set masking requirements as they see fit. For example, businesses may require staff and/or customers to wear masks inside their place of business. The Town of Edson recommends mask use indoors but does not require it for the public. Staff will still be masking when outside of their workstation for now.

While masking is no longer required in most situations, it is important to support those who may wish to continue wearing masks while adjusting to Stage 3.


Everyone 12+ can book their 2nd doses now. Those the received mRNA as a first dose are asked to book at least 4 weeks following the first dose. Those that got AstraZeneca are asked to wait at least 8 weeks between doses. More details at

For more information on the Town of Edson’s response please visit our website at

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