Animal Control Bylaw Proposed Changes - May 7th, 2014

Edson, Alberta, May 7th, 2014 – The Town of Edson is proposing changes to the Animal Control Bylaw, changing the way the Town views “restricted dogs”.

Council has passed first reading for Bylaw 2140, which would change the term “restricted dog” from being based on breed alone. Under the new bylaw a restricted dog would be based on animal behavior. Other changes would make it easier for Bylaw Officers to access Mobile Home Parks to deal with dogs running at large, adjusts the fee schedule, and includes reference to the Town’s Off Leash Dog Park. The following chart lists the major changes proposed.

Existing Bylaw

Proposed Changes

  • Restricted dogs based on breed only
  • Restricted dogs based on animal behavior rather than breed – see Section 2(p).
  • Current bylaw has definition for “restricted dog” and “vicious dog”.
  • No reference is made to “vicious” as this now falls within the scope of “restricted”, and removed all references as such.
  • No legal authority to enter into Mobile Home Parks to enforce Animal Control as these parks were considered private property.
  • Amendment made to definition of “running at large” Section 2(q) to include Park areas and roads within Mobile Home Parks as public places.
  • No dog owner shall allow his dog to run at large in the Town at any time – Doesn’t make reference to “Off Leash Dog Park”.
  • Section 5 (1) now states that no dog owner shall allow his dog to run at large in the Town unless in a designated “off leash” area.
  • Restricted Dog License Fee was $200.00.
  • There would be no higher fee for “restricted dogs”.

The bylaw will be brought back to Council at a future meeting for ratification. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to provide feedback to the proposed changes by contacting the Town Office at 780-723-4401.