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Budget 2022 – Moving Our Community Forward

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At the meeting on November 25th, 2021, Council moved forward with an interim budget that will help move our community forward amid the increasing demands created by higher utility rates, fuel prices, and other external pressures.
To help residents through the pandemic, Council and Administration have held as tight as possible with budgets that kept tax increases to a minimum, including a reduction in 2020. In order to balance these reductions with the increasing inflationary costs, as well as reducing reliance on finite reserves to help offset taxation, Council has faced an extremely tough budgeting process.
After much deliberation and a thorough review of the budget, the 2022 Interim Operational Budget has been passed with an initial 4.9% increase. This amount could change as assessment numbers come in this spring, and as Council and Administration work to find ways to increase revenues and continue to adjust the overall budget. This will include a review of the Fees, Rates, and Charges Bylaw.
The 2022 Interim Operational and Capital Budget will see an extra $1 million in capital spending on roads and other infrastructure, as well as the start of a multi-year plan to reduce reliance on grants and reserves that have been offsetting taxation through the pandemic. The actual taxes levied on an individual property will be dependent on the property assessment.
Edson’s Interim Operational Budget is $24,233,162 and the Capital Budget approved is $33,269,819.
The Town of Edson is committed to providing a high level or service to meet the growing demands of our community, all while being fiscally responsible and ensuring long-term sustainability.
For more details on our budget, including the full budget report, visit www.edson.ca/budget.