Bulk Water System Changes

Bulk Water System Changes

Posted on October 02nd, 2017

Edson’s new bulk water system is now in place.

The way bulk water is paid for by the customer has changed significantly. In an effort to increase our level of service to our haulers, the Town has upgraded our access terminals to Flowpoint`s new cloud based software (formally Water Exchange™.)

Your old user code / PIN numbers (up to 3 digit) will NOT work with the new system (4 digit).

The new cloud based system uses a unique username and password, and will be connected to a secure website. In order to use the system, the customer will have to use a credit card to add a balance to an account through our e-commerce partner Beanstream®. This will need to be set up prior to using the bulk water fill station. All transactions will be available on a personal secure dashboard. As well, a transaction log can be emailed automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Customers can manage their own accounts, adding truck User Codes (4 digits) and PIN numbers (4 digits). If the customer has no access to a computer, they will still be able to add a balance to the account in person or over the phone at the service counter located in the Public Works office.

The cost of truck fill water will remain the same.

For more information contact the Public Works office at 780-723-6461 or go to www.edson.ca/bulkwater.