Cemetery Cleanup Concerns

Cemetery Cleanup Concerns

Posted on September 21st, 2017

We've heard some concerns over the cleanup underway at the Glenwood Cemetery. The Town of Edson has been working directly with a number of users at the cemetery to improve the aesthetics and safety of the sites. It is an ongoing process and Town staff have been doing their best to work with individuals as they go along. The cleanup started last month, following an in-depth article in the Edson Anchor


While it's unfortunate these individual situations arise, there are guidelines that we ask people to follow when it comes to placing items for loved ones at the cemetery. We try our best to keep people informed as these issues come up and work with them on proper setups, and how they can keep their items on display in a manner that is still safe for the workers and still visually pleasing.

If an item is removed, it is set aside so family members are able to retrieve them if they wish, or place them again as per the rules laid out in the cemetery bylaw. More information on the bylaw and some general guidelines can be found here.


We apologize for any confusion and hope we can work with our residents and visitors to ensure a safe, peaceful and attractive cemetery. If you have more questions please contact the town office at 780-723-4401 and we'll assist as best we can