Citizen Budget 2020 - Last Chance!

Citizen Budget 2020 - Last Chance!

Posted on November 15th, 2019

Last chance to participate in our 2020 Budget!

We’ve seen some really good participation over the last couple of weeks with our 2020 Budget Public Engagement Tool.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to see how your choices can impact our budget, take a few minutes to make sure your voice is heard. Citizen Budget will go offline tonight at midnight.

Click Here to Start Citizen Budget

Be sure to enter your email and finalize the process by hitting submit at the end for a chance to win an Edson backpack and tech prize package!

The Citizen Budget tool takes residents through a simulated budget, provides information, and allows taxpayers to indicate their preferred allocation of funding. There is also opportunity to provide general feedback for each department. That information will then be compiled and presented to Council prior to final budget approval.

For more details on the proposed budget, as well as information and video from Council's 2020 Budget Workshop, go to