Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Posted on January 02nd, 2020

The Town of Edson Coat of Arms has been finalized and made official by the Canadian Heraldic Authority. This is now part of the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada, Volume VII, page 208. This Coat of Arms will be incorporated into the Town's branding guidelines for official documents and is to be used for official Town of Edson business ONLY. The official documents will be housed in Council Chambers. More details on the Town’s branding

Coat of Arms Details

Arms: Blue and white are the town's colours. The crenellated band symbolizes the railway's crucial role in the founding of Edson. Often used in the town's logos and wordmarks, the conifers represent the economic importance of the forest industry for the region. the white diamonds represent the baseball diamonds at Edson's Vision Park, one of the country's largest baseball facilities and renowned for its slo-pitch tournaments. The black diamond represents coal, an important local resource.

Crest: The great grey owl is a local species. The crown of masonry is a symbol of municipal authority. The drops and flames refer to the oil and gas industries of the region.

Supporters: The squirrels refer to Eddie, the squirrel mascot of the town. The statue of Eddie in the RCMP Centennial Park depicts him holding a pinecone and seated on a log. The pinecones and logs allude to the forest industry that has been so important for the town's growth.