Council Notes - June 24th, 2014

Council Notes - June 24th, 2014

Posted on June 24th, 2014

Council Notes - June 24th, 2014

Animal Control Bylaw. Bylaw 2140 was given second reading. This bylaw proposes significant changes to the “restricted dog” portion of the Animal Control Bylaw. The proposed changes include;

• removing restricted dogs based on breed only and base that classification on behavior.
• References to “vicious dogs” are removed as this now falls in the scope of restricted dogs.
• Amendments to the definition of “running at large” to include Park areas and roads within Mobile Home Parks as public places.
• New reference to the Off Leash Dog Park as an exception to the section on dogs running at large.
• Removes higher fee for “restricted dogs”.

Following first reading there was some additional changes proposed including regulations to keep animals out of the Kinsmen Spray Park. Pursuant to the Swimming Pool, Wading Pool and Water Spray Park Regulation in the Public Health Act, water spray parks are listed under the definition of a “pool” and no person may bring an animal onto the premises of a pool. The only exception is guide dogs or dogs that assist with disabilities.

The proposed bylaw now includes a provision that no dog or cat owner shall allow his/her cat or dog to be within a three metre radius of the outside edge of a public outdoor pool/spray water park. The bylaw will be brought back to council at a future meeting for ratification.


Traffic Fine Amendments. Council gave first reading to changes to Bylaw 1807 Schedule “A” to update traffic fines. The Town of Edson traffic bylaw penalties have not been changed in 19 years and these increases are meant to bring them in line with other communities.

Transportation Operating Assistance Grant. In the past the Province had provided a $20,000 grant for this area, but that grant was eliminated a number of years ago. The Town of Edson has included $20,000 in its budget to maintain this grant to ensure groups that had relied on that money could continue to operate. As a result, S.C.O.P.E. will receive $6,500 and E.S.T.S will receive $13,500 of the allotted funds ensuring that the transportation needs of seniors and handicapped individuals in our community are met.

Beautification Committee. A motion to reestablish the Town of Edson Beautification Committee was defeated in a recorded vote. The motion was to reestablish the committee with Councillors Strang, Bevan, and Wilkinson as Council representatives. While most councillors felt there was merit to the committee’s goals, there was some discussion regarding the number of councillors involved, public participation, and the timing. Councillors Bevan, Wilkinson and Strang voted in favor of the motion while Councillors Chouinard, Boyce and Gomuwka voting against it, defeating the motion. Mayor Pasychny was not in attendance.

Deep Utility Upgrades. Council has awarded the 2014 Deep Utility Upgrade and Replacement Program and Related Works tender to High Mountain Hoe Services as the lowest bidder at $2,016,690 + GST. Council also approved $184,000.00 for the curb and gutter work to be completed by A & M Concrete, the contactor awarded the 2014 Concrete SOA. The project will be funded from the Street Rehab Grant in the amount of $716,067.00 with the balance coming from Capital Reserves.

Sundays in the Park. Council accepted a report on Sundays in the Park for information. The report outlined the success of the recent ‘Rockin’ the Park’ event on June 22nd and gave information on the next event, Rock Camp Alberta, scheduled for July 6th.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for July 15th at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers of the Edson Civic Building.