Council Notes - May 2nd, 2017

Council Notes - May 2nd, 2017

Posted on May 03rd, 2017

Council Notes - May 2nd, 2017

STARS Presentation. Council received a presentation from STARS Air Ambulance. STARS Senior Municipal Relations Liaison Glenda Farnden gave an update on services and thanked the Town of Edson for their continued support.

Mill Rate Bylaw. Council has given three readings to the 2017 Mill Rate Bylaw. The Town of Edson’s overall taxable assessment has decreased slightly by 2.9%. This is used to generate the taxation revenue and is what drives the mill rate calculations for Municipal taxes, School, and Evergreens Requisitions. While the Municipal taxes for 2017 is set at a 0% increase, the decrease in taxable assessment has led to a slight increase in the municipal residential and non-residential mill rates.

2017 Residential Mill rates:

            Municipal mill rate – 5.3205 mills (2016 mill rate – 5.1468 mills)

            Evergreens Foundation mill rate – 0.3276 mills (2016 mill rate – 0.3080 mills)

            School mill rate - 2.5619 mills (2016 mill rate – 2.3352 mills)

            2017 Total Combined mill rate – 8.21 mills (2016 mill rate – 7.79 mills)

2017 Non-residential Mill rates:

            Municipal mill rate – 13.2060 mills (2016 mill rate – 12.6210 mills)

            Evergreens Foundation mill rate – 0.3276 mills (2016 mill rate – 0.3080 mills)

            School mill rate - 3.8564 mills (2016 mill rate –3.0310 mills)

            2017 Total Combined mill rate – 17.39 mills (2016 mill rate – 15.96 mills)

 Updated Capital Budget. Council has approved the 2017 Updated Capital Budget with the additions of the increase in the 2017 Road Rehab project, a slight increase to the West End Sewer line project for some minor administrative work, an increase in park trails, and some additional funds for playground equipment in residential parks around town.

Revised Operating Budget. The Operating budget is prepared with a 0% municipal tax increase, as directed by Council. There have been limited changes to the Operating budget from the 2017 Budget approved in December. However, the School and Evergreens requisitions are now included. The Evergreens requisition has an increase of 2.45% and the School requisition has increased 11.12%. Due to these increases, there will be approximately $400,000 more generated for those purposes. The Town has no control over these increases as they are required by outside organizations.

A full budget recap can be found online at

SDAB Compensation. Second and third reading has been given to Bylaw 2198, amending the Town of Edson Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Bylaw. This adds meeting/training compensation for members to the bylaw. The rates suggested are the same as rates recommended for the Assessment Review Board, at $250 for a full day meeting and $125 for a half day meeting.

Development Permit. Council has approved a development permit at 5021 6th Avenue for a home occupation in a Direct Control district. 20% of the home would be used for a business. All development permits in a Direct Control zone requires Council approval.

VE Day Parade. Council has given approval for the VE Day Parade to be held May 6th, 2017 starting at 10:00 am from the Legion and ending at RCMP Centennial Park.

Next meetings - The next Committee of the Whole meeting will be held May 9th, 2017 at 10 am. The next Council Meeting will be held May 16th, 2017 at 7:30 pm.