Council Notes - Sept 18th, 2018

Council Notes - Sept 18th, 2018

Posted on September 18th, 2018

Council Notes - September 18th, 2018

Land Use Bylaw / Cannabis Related Business Uses.  Council has made some changes to the Cannabis Framework prior to giving first reading to changes to the Land Use Bylaw. After reviewing the public feedback, Council has decided to change the setbacks between commercial cannabis related businesses to 100 metres rather than 200 metres, however, the 200 metre setbacks will still be in place for locations such as schools and medical facilities. Council also removed mention of cannabis lounges from the framework until federal/provincial regulations are solidified on the topic. A public hearing will be held October 16th, 2018 at 7:30 pm in Council Chambers.

Community Standards and Public Conduct. Council has given first reading to the Community Standards and Public Conduct Bylaws. The bylaws are both available for review and public feedback at

Offsite Levies. Amendments to the Offsite Levy Policy have been approved by Council, including a revised Test of Burden Worksheet.

Development Permit. Council has approved a development permit to convert 5014 6th Avenue to an accounting business with surveillance suite. Council approval was required as the property is zoned DC (Direct Control).

ATCO Gas Franchise Fee. Based on a lower forecasted 2019 ATCO delivery tariff, Council has passed a motion to increase the ATCO gas franchise fee to ensure the revenue coming to the Town of Edson remains at approximately the same level as previous years. Each year, municipalities have the option to adjust the franchise fee, up to a cap of 35%. Edson’s rate hasn’t been changed since 2006. There was a recorded vote with Councillors Baier, Currie, Sorenson, and Wilkinson voting for the motion, and Mayor Zahara, as well as Councillors Bevan and Chouinard voting against it.

Budget Report. Council has accepted the quarterly budget report as presented.

Tiffin Booster Station. Council has agreed to restore the budget of $350,000 to repair the Tiffin Booster Station. A new contractor has been identified and has proposed two options for repair, which, if successful, would be completed this fall. Pending contractor availability, the repair is expected to commence within the next 4 weeks.

Next meetings - The next Committee of the Whole Meeting is scheduled for September 25th, 2018 at 10:00 am. The next Council Meeting is scheduled for October 2nd, 2018 at 7:30 pm.