Council Strategic Planning Session

Council Strategic Planning Session

Posted on June 08th, 2020

Edson Town Council held their annual Strategic Planning Session (SPS) last week.

Each year, Council meets with senior administration to set priorities, review finances and benchmarks, and discuss departmental directions for the upcoming year. This year’s meeting focused primarily on COVID-19 and the priorities for recovery moving forward.

One topic of discussion was the Town’s facility reopening plan once provincial restrictions are lifted. While opening places like the pool and arena immediately would be ideal, there are a number of factors that will need to be taken into consideration. Administration will need to review restrictions and health orders to ensure the opening is viable, both financially and with current staffing. Programming will need to be evaluated to ensure they fall within any new provincial guidelines. Some user groups will have their own restrictions and cancellations which will also need to be considered (Minor Hockey, WSHL, Orcas Swim Club, etc.). While reopening facilities is a priority, it must be done safely, and responsibly. Depending on these restrictions, and on the amount of notice provided by the Province, facilities may not open immediately upon the lifting of the closure order.

Council and administration also reviewed some options for economic recovery coming out of the pandemic. These options will be expanded further and brought to Council at upcoming meetings for further discussion and decisions.

Capital projects were discussed at SPS, with a full list developed to send to the Province in hopes of securing some stimulus funding if it becomes available.

The Strategic Planning Session is an extremely valuable tool for both Council and Administration as they continue to set priorities for the community and plan for the future.