COVID-19 Update (Case Update and NEW School Alert)

COVID-19 Update (Case Update and NEW School Alert)

Posted on April 22nd, 2021

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April 22, 2021 (Updated to the end of day April 21) - 29 Active Cases (3 new active, 1 recovered)

The Edson Zone (Central Yellowhead County) is listed as having 29 active cases, 278 recovered, and 4 deaths. There has been a total of 311 cases to date for this local geographic area.

Regionally, as we are under 10,000 in population, the Town of Edson falls under Yellowhead County. The Yellowhead County municipal zone has 31 active cases, 327 recovered, and 8 deaths.

There is a new alert for the Parkland Composite High School (2-4 cases) and the alert continues at Mary Bergeron Elementary School in Edson (2-4 cases). The alert investigation is considered over when there have been no new confirmed cases in the school for 28 days.

An outbreak has been identified at PTW Canada, which includes an office in Edson. Outbreaks are declared over when 4 weeks have passed since the last case was identified, so not all outbreaks listed have current transmission happening.

Overall, the Province saw 1,857 new cases on 17,524 tests (10.7%).  There are currently 19,182 active cases in Alberta, 518 hospitalizations with 116 in ICU and 2,054 deaths.


Step 1 restrictions will remain in place until further notice. Follow the link below for the full list of restrictions.

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