Downtown Parking Study

Downtown Parking Study

Posted on November 14th, 2017

Despite perception, pressures for available parking in downtown Edson seem to be low to moderate.

At the request of the previous Council, a parking study has been conducted by Edson administration to review the parking space supply, and to prevent the unnecessary dedication of usable land to parking lots.

The study was done at varying times of day, during multiple days of the week, and is meant as a starting point in the parking review. The study provides estimates for the downtown area as a whole, and does NOT take into consideration the parking needs of specific businesses or ownership and other information on specific lots.

Overall the study showed that, during the times of the counts, there were no instances in which parking demands exceeded over 50% of supply. This was true of both the downtown as a whole, and in both the northern and southern downtown zones.

While discussion may continue regarding specific types of parking, the study clearly shows that downtown parking is not a major issue at this time. The parking supply/usage will continue to be monitored as development occurs.

The full study is available here - Downtown Parking Study - September 2017